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Week 1 of WInter 2010



Welcome to BIO10 and Happy New Year!

If you have recieved an add code to enroll in this class PLEASE be sure to add the course online this week to secure your spot.

Please go to the book store and purchase the lab manual and lecture notes manual.  You will not be able to do your labs effectively without this lab manual.   

Be sure to read chapters 1 -3 in the text book (newest edition) this week.   If you are using an older edition you will find this week's lecture material on chapters 1 and 3.

What's coming up......

Next week in lab:  Lab # 2 covers tissues and more practice with the microscope.  Don't forget to bring in your bacteria garden petry dish.  We'll observe, quantify, share and discuss our findings.

Next week in lecture:   By the end of next week (week #2) we should have completed chapters 104 in the text book.  Check out the publisher's website and take a practice quiz.  You can retake any of these quizzes if you want.



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