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Math10 Syllabus M-F

Class at a Glance

Your grade depends on:

1) 9 Best Quizzes

2) Short Presentation

3) 3-7 Technology Labs

4) 3 Exams

5) Final


Within the First 2 Weeks:of the quarter you must not miss a class meeting or be late more than twice. More than 10 min. late is considered absent. If you cannot make it to class for some extraordinary reason, have an accident or have an unexpected event such as traffic, then call or email before class begins. If not possible before class a document may be required.

Class attendance is required throughout the quarter. If you miss more than two class meetings or are late more than 4 times, you may be dropped from the class. If you definitely want to be dropped from the course YOU should make sure you drop yourself. If you do not drop (and I don’t) it is still YOUR responsibility. If you were not dropped but you wanted to b and it is after the due date to drop, you will still get a non-passing grade that can NOT be altered.

Frequently Used Links:

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Book Problems

PREREQUISITES Passing grade(C or better)in Math 105, 114, placement exam or multiple measures.

Student Learning Outcomes: (What you will be able to do at the end of the quarter)
1: Organize, analyze and appropriate methods to draw conclusions based on sample data by constructing and/or evaluating tables, graphs and numerical measures of characteristics of data.
2: Identify, evaluate, interpret and describe data distributions through the study of sampling distributions and probability theory.
3: Collect data, interpret, compose and defend conjectures and communicate the results of random data using statistical analysis such as interval and point estimates, hypothesis test and regression analysis.

Required Materials:

1.You will need access to the textbook, Introductory Statistics, by Illowsky and Dean. You can use it free online interactively by clicking a link below and then clicking on the table of contents which is located under the title of the book. The different chapters and sections will appear on the left.


  • You can also download any part of the book as a pdf file.  Both formats below are free and made possible by OpenStax Books.




  • You may also purchase the bounded version at the De Anza Bookstore

NOTE : Book Problems start at the end of the chapter and start with the heading called Practice.  Exercise numbers continue into the heading called Homework. Problems are assigned from both these sections.

A Graphing Calculator. The instructor will demonstrate how to use only two types of Graphing Calculators(TI 83 or TI 84) in class. Online instruction is available if requested. For all other types of graphing calculators, the student is completely responsible for finding and learning how to use required programs! 

You may rent or purchase these TI calculators. Two possible ways to rent are:

Exams: Three exams worth one hundred and fifty points each will be given. Problems will be based on the following:

  1. Textbook Questions!
  2. Lecture and Problems Assigned within Lecture
  3. Quiz questions

If you have an extenuating circumstance you must provide evidence of the situation and contact me ASAP. It will be my decision to give you a makeup or not. An extenuating circumstance is not a flight out/in from town, picking someone up from an airport, scheduled an interview etc.....

Quizzes: Several quizzes will be given throughout the quarter. Your 9 best quizzes will be used in the calculation of your grade. Quizzes are based on the same categories and priority as Exams. There are NO makeup quizzes.  Do not ask.  We take enough quizzes that missing A quiz does not usually effect your grade. Note: Class attendance is required if you decide not to come, you may miss a quiz.

Presentations: You (not a group) will be asked to give a very short (<5min) presentation on statistics currently used in the real world or your life. This presentation is part of your grade. A presentation must reflect the topics either currently presented in class or in the last week. You must show me your work before presenting. There will be at most 2 presentations per class meeting. This presentation is NOT optional. You will receive a zero if not done. ALSO, there will be certain days where NO presentations may be given.  It is strongly advised that you get your presentation done as quickly as possible.In the last two weeks of the course there may be NO presentation allowed so do not wait till then!

Three to seven collaborative statistics labs will be assigned. Labs will be described in class and at least one will be done online with lab members Unless given permission, lab projects must be done in groups of at least 2. If you turn in a lab by yourself (without a lab partner) you will be deducted by 20%. NO LATE labs will be accepted.

Final Exam: A comprehensive exam will be given. If you miss the exam without contacting me before the exam you will automatically receive a 0% on the final.

Other Useful Practices: Practice exams and final are found at the back of your textbook. Please pay close attention to only the topics covered in the course.

Exams Total ==== 450 points
Quizzes ======== 150 points (Includes Presentation)
Labs ========= 200 points
Final ========== 200 points

Grading Scale

< 49%=========F

Policy on Cheating: Students who submit the work of others as their own or cheat on exams or other assignments receive a failing grade on that assignment and are reported to college authorities.

You may access your final grades through MyPortal at the DeAnza website www.deanza.edu

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