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Introduction to data analysis making use of graphical and numerical techniques to study patterns and departures from patterns. The student studies randomness with an emphasis on understanding variation, collects information in the face of uncertainty, checks distributional assumptions, tests hypotheses, uses probability as a tool for anticipating what the distribution of data may look like under a set of assumptions, and uses appropriate statistical models to draw conclusions from data. The course introduces the student to applications in engineering, business, economics, medicine, education, social sciences, psychology, the sciences, and those pertaining to issues of contemporary interest. The use of technology (computers or graphing calculators) will be required in certain applications. Where appropriate, the contributions to the development of statistics by men and women from diverse cultures will be introduced.

Course Syllabus

Office Hours

Monday 8-9 PM  Online

Mon, Tu,Wed  8:45-9:30am 

Th, Fri.   12:30-1pm

Final Dates and Times

9:30 Class:  Tues : 9:15-11:15 AM

10:30 Class: . Thursday : 9:15-11:15 AM

Important Dates

April 20:   Last day to add class

April 21:  Last day to drop classes with no record of "W"

May 31:  Last day to drop classes with a "W"

June 25--28th Finals Week


May 27th - Memorial Day

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