Class at a Glance 

Your grade depends on

  1. 9 Best Quizzes
  2. 3-6 Technology Labs
  3. 3 Exams
  4.  Final


Within the First 2 Weeks of the quarter you must not miss a class meeting or be late more than twice. More than 10 min. late is considered absent. YOU are responsible for getting any info you either missed by being late or absent. DO NOT ask the instructor! If you cannot make it to class for some extraordinary reason such as an accident or have an unexpected event such as traffic, then email the instructor or classmate to relay the info before class begins. If not possible before class, a document may be required.
Class attendance is required throughout the quarter. If you miss more than two class meetings or are late more than 4 times, you may be dropped from the class. If you definitely want to be dropped from the course YOU should make sure, you drop yourself. If you do not drop (and I do not) it is still YOUR responsibility. If you were not dropped but you wanted to b and it is after the due date to drop, you will still get a non-passing grade that CANNOT be altered.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Organize, analyze, and utilize appropriate methods to draw conclusions based on sample data by constructing and/or evaluating tables, graphs, and numerical measures of characteristics of data.

  • Identify, evaluate, interpret and describe data distributions through the study of sampling distributions and probability theory.

  • Collect data, interpret, compose and defend conjectures, and communicate the results of random data using statistical analysis such as interval and point estimates, hypothesis tests, and regression analysis.

Required Materials/Access

Books and Technology Labs


You will need access to the textbook, Introductory Statistics, by Illowsky and Dean. You can use it free online interactively by clicking a link below and then clicking on the table of contents which is located under the title of the book. The different chapters and sections will appear on the left. You can also download any part of the book as a pdf file.  Both formats below are free and made possible by OpenStax Books. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

You may also purchase the bounded version at the De Anza Bookstore
NOTE : Book Problems start at the end of the chapter and start with the heading called Practice.  Exercise numbers continue into the heading called Homework. Problems are assigned from both these sections.
Exercises: For each class meeting go to the link of Book Problems below and do/attempt any problems in that chapter that have been covered in that class meeting. Although the instructor may list exercise numbers at the end of the class meeting for that days meeting, if time runs out, it is YOUR responsibility to find the problems from those listed that are related to the topic discussed that day!  Many students have commented that it is extremely important to try all the problems assigned AND not sit passively while problems are discussed the next day. Ask questions at the next class meeting.  The instructor will attempt to answer as many questions as time permits. Usually the instructor will need to discuss new material each class meeting. Please go to the instructor's office hours, S43(the tutorial center), or class group meetings to get all your questions answered or additional help.  Group meeting days and times will be announced in the two weeks of the course.
Book Problems (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Technology Lab Requirements:

The use of a graphing calculator is required to complete each lab. Using technology in at least 3 labs is an articulated requirement for this course to transfer.  DO NOT do calculations 'by hand'. The instructor will demonstrate how to use only two types of Graphing Calculators(TI 83 or TI 84) of any version during class time. Online instruction is available if requested. For all other types of graphing calculators, the student is completely responsible for finding and learning how to use required programs! 
You may rent or purchase these TI calculators. Two possible ways to rent are:

If you forget your graphing calculator(especially on a day of a quiz or exam) you may borrow one before class at the library.  You may borrow a TI graphing calculator for 4 hours with a valid DASB card.


Three exams worth one hundred and fifty points each will be given. Problems will be based on the following:

  1. Textbook Questions! If no one asks any questions the day or two after that topic is covered in class, the instructor will not go over them.  It is IMPERATIVE that you try the problems and bring any questions to class the next day,

  2. Lecture and Problems Assigned within Lecture,

  3. Quiz questions.

If you have an extenuating circumstance, you must provide evidence of the situation and contact me ASAP. It will be my decision to give you a makeup or not. An extenuating circumstance is not a flight out/in from town, picking someone up from an airport, scheduled interview, wedding etc...


Several quizzes will be given throughout the quarter. Your 9 best quizzes will be used in the calculation of your grade. Quizzes are based on the same categories and priority as Exams. There are NO makeup quizzes.  Do not ask.  We take enough quizzes that missing A quiz does not usually effect your grade. Note: Class attendance is required if you decide not to come, you may miss a quiz.

Presentations-Extra Credit

Explained in Class or via email.


Three to six collaborative statistics labs will be assigned. Lab projects must be done in groups of at least 2 but no more than 3 except for the last lab. If you turn in a lab by yourself (without a lab partner), you will lose 20% since collaboration is a requirement for GE courses.  If you turn in a lab late, you will lose 10% each day. No late labs will be accepted 3 days after the lab was due.

Final Exam

A comprehensive exam will be given. If you miss the exam without contacting me before the exam you will automatically receive a 0% on the final.

Other Useful Practices

Practice exams and a final are found at the back of your textbook. Please pay close attention to only the topics covered in the course.

Point Distribution

Category Points
Exam Total 474
Quizzes 150 points (Includes Presentation)



Final 211
 Total 1000

Grading Scale

Percentage Letter Grade
99% to 100% A+
90% to 98% A
89% A-
86% to 88% B+
80% to 85% B
79% B-
76% to 78% C+
70% to 75% C
66% to 69% D+
50% to 65% D
49% D-
< 49% F

Policy on Cheating

Students who submit the work of others as their own or cheat on exams or other assignments receive a failing grade on that assignment and are reported to college authorities.

You may access your final grades through MyPortal (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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