Class at a Glance 

Your grade depends on

  1. 6 Best Quizzes
  2. In-Class Collaborative Work/Paper Homework
  3. Online Homework
  4. 4 Exams
  5. Final


Within the First 2 Weeks of the quarter you must not miss a class meeting or be late more than twice. More than 10 min. late is considered absent. YOU are responsible for getting any info you either missed by being late or absent. DO NOT ask the instructor! If you cannot make it to class for some extraordinary reason such as an accident or have an unexpected event such as traffic, then email the instructor or classmate to relay the info before class begins. If not possible before class, a document may be required.
Class attendance is required throughout the quarter. If you miss more than two class meetings or are late more than 4 times, you may be dropped from the class. If you definitely want to be dropped from the course YOU should make sure, you drop yourself. If you do not drop (and I do not) it is still YOUR responsibility. If you were not dropped but you wanted to be and it is after the due date to drop, you will still get a non-passing grade that CANNOT be changed.

Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcome(s): *Investigate, evaluate, and differentiate between algebraic and transcendental functions in their graphic, formulaic, and tabular representations. *Synthesize, model, and communicate real-life applications and phenomena using algebraic and transcendental functions.

Required Materials/Access


You will need access to the textbook. You may use the textbook online and print any parts you wish or you may purchase the bounded version at the De Anza Bookstore. To use it online the download will take a few minutes but ONLY the first time it is downloaded.  At the top of the page there is a box where you can type in the page number.  Exercises are found after each section within a chapter. The textbook can be found at: textbook


Access to the online homework system called myopenmath.  There is no access fee to use the software.

This program contains assignments with due dates.  Currently myopenmath does not populate the Canvas calendar therefore;you will need to look at the calendar on myopenmath carefully since there are no late extensions. Please do not ask!   Your two lowest assignment scores will be dropped.

Information on how to sign up along with codes will be provided via email or on the Canvas site in the first week. Once you have created an account please click on calendar to see assignments.  To start an assignment go onto myopenmath and click on the calendar. Simply click the assignment on the calendar.

A Graphing Calculator is not required although it is recommended. You may not share calculators on any quizzes or exams. If you do, both you and the person who lent you the calculator will receive a zero on that assessment.: The instructor will demonstrate how to use only two types of Graphing Calculators(TI 83 or TI 84) in class. . For all other types of graphing calculators, the student is completely responsible for finding and learning how to use it.

You may rent or purchase these TI calculators. Two possible ways to rent are:


Your homework category is online using the software system described above. You must create an account by Wed. of the first week of class. Simply go to go to the site at least three times per week to keep track of assigned due dates!  There will be no extensions given so please do not ask. 


Several quizzes will be given throughout the quarter. Your 6 best quizzes will be used in the calculation of your grade. Quizzes are based on in-class work, graded paper exercises, lecture and myopenmath questions.  There are NO makeup quizzes.  Do not ask.  We take enough quizzes that missing one quiz will  not usually effect your grade. Note: Class attendance is required if you decide not to come, you may miss a quiz


There are 4 exams with their tentative dates written on the course calendar. Depending on the class pace these dates may shift a few days.  It is your responsibility to attend class every day. Exam dates will be announced in class.  It is your responsibility to keep track of exam dates even if you miss a class meeting. 

If you miss an exam with no extenuating circumstance (going to a wedding, picking someone up from the airport... are not extenuating circumstances) you can not make up the exam. You must provide proof of the extenuating circumstance.  For instance, if you get into an accident.

If you miss an exam you may use the percent on the final to replace that exam score. There are NO makeups without proof of extenuating circumstance.


Many days you will work in a group and submit one paper/group at the end of the class meeting. Most often the group work will be graded and handed back the next day. Whoever receives the group work is responsible for sharing with group members.  Each group member should make a copy of the graded work and keep it in their notebook.

This work is either based on previous homework that needs to be revisited OR a topic in the day’s lecture. NO late work is accepted. If you miss class, you may NOT turn in work.

Final Exam

A comprehensive exam will be given. If you miss the exam without contacting me before the exam you will automatically receive a 0% on the final.

Point Distribution

Category Points
Exam Total 400
Quizzes 60 





Final 200
 Total  800


Grading Scale

Percentage Letter Grade
99% to 100% A+
90% to 98% A
89% A-
86% to 88% B+
80% to 85% B
79% B-
76% to 78% C+
70% to 75% C
66% to 69% D+
50% to 65% D
49% D-
< 49% F

Policy on Cheating

Students who submit the work of others as their own or cheat on exams or other assignments receive a failing grade on that assignment and are reported to college authorities.

You may access your final grades through MyPortal.

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