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Alicia De Toro

Alicia De Toro

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Environmental Biology; Pollution Prevention
M.E.S.M., University of California Santa Barbara, 2004
As a former De Anza student I do my best to work with my students to help them to understand the materials covered in my classes and to show them their own capabilities. My educational background is in environmental science and ecology, evolution, and marine biology. As a student, I participated in study abroad programs focused around tropical ecology, studying Restoration Ecology, with an emphasis on pollution prevention. I have worked in the private, public and academic sectors, which allows me to bring a unique perspective to my classroom. The primary focus of my career prior to becoming an instructor has been on integrated waste management. As an instructor I continue to educate myself in all aspects of my interests, including waste management and recycling, tropical ecology, social and environmental justice, biology, and environmental studies and sciences.
Winter 2018
CRN Course Title
00538 E S -002.-01 Humans, the Environment, and Sustainability
35460 ESCI-050.-61 Introduction to Wildlife Science Technology
35294 ESCI-054.-01 Wildlife Science Technician: Data Analysis
34389 ESCI-057.-01L Wildlife Corridor Technician: Wildlife Tracking
35301 ESCI-077.-65R Special Projects in Environmental Science
32196 ESCI-077X-65R Special Projects in Environmental Science
34391 ESCI-077Y-65R Special Projects in Environmental Science
Spring 2018
CRN Course Title
00513 E S -002.-01 Humans, the Environment, and Sustainability
45260 E S -067.-55 Environmental Team-Building
45261 E S -068.-55 Community-Based Coalitions and Stakeholders
45284 E S -095.-01 Introduction to Environmental Careers

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Environmental Studies

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