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Info about PE26D, (renamed KNES 001D), the advanced swim class at De Anza College is at:

including how to get a locker, how to find the swimming pool complex and more.

We have a substitute for advanced swimming on Saturdays winter quarter 2018.

You are invited to take aerobic swimming Saturdays, (or intermediate if you have not yet taken it.)

 We have lots of room in the pool on Saturdays so you might even get your own lane, or at least will only have to share it with one other person.

The first day of class I do a survey of what people want out of the class and what skills they have. I cover the required curriculum and try to meet people's needs as well.
Some students want a 'get ready for lifeguard training class', and since I am a lifeguard instructor, you can work on passing all the pre-tests for a Red Cross or YMCA lifeguard class.
Some students want to get ready to learn to scuba dive or try a triathlon. Some want a review of all the strokes, others want mostly to get in shape.
Every quarter, in every swim class I teach, I videotape at least each student's freestyle (unless you really don't want to be taped). People tell me they learned more from seeing their stroke than from years of swim drills.

I don't assume that anyone has been on a swim team. I teach almost everything from scratch. You don't have to already know how to dive into a pool or do a turn. You should be quite at ease in deep water and have most freestyle and backstroke basics down.

I expect that even in an intermediate, advanced or aerobic class, many of the students will not have been doing a lot of swimming recently and might be out of shape, so there is no 500 yard prerequisite swim test. I also don't expect all the strokes from higher level swimmers, as it has been my experience that most intermediate, advanced or aerobic class swimmers don't have a butterfly, for example.

Most KNES 001C, KNES 001D and KNES 002A (formerly PE 26C, 26D and 6G) classes have students with a wide variety of skills. Sometimes people take a different level of swim class just because it is held at the right time for their schedule. Sometimes really good swimmers take intermediate because they are afraid that advanced might be too much work.

Bring your swimsuit and gear because we will get in the water the first day. We will need to spend a lot of time on paperwork, but will at least do a short swim test of freestyle and backstroke to see if if anyone would get more out of a beginning swim class.
Again, you are invited to take aerobic swimming, KNES 2A, on Saturdays.
Info about KNES 002A,(formerly PE6G) the aerobic swim class at De Anza College is at:
including homework assignments, how to find the swimming pools, how to get a locker and more.


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