Music 1C Music Connection Essay

Due Thursday, Oct. 12 at the start of class

Write at least a two page essay (double spaced) on your connection to a music tradition of your parents or grandparents. You should not address each question point by point, but rather, tell a story that touches on the general focus of the two sections. The questions I ask of you are relevant to people the world over who are more and more being affected by globalism and hegemony.

1. Describe which part of your family you are choosing to describe - that of one, or both parents? A grandparent? From where does the music come? Is it “traditional,” or more popular in nature? Is this a music that was actively practiced in the household, or enjoyed as listeners only?

2. Consider your relationship to the music; is it something that you also listen to? How does the music function as a symbol of your connection to your larger culture? If you don’t listen to this music, why not? What were the influences to pulled you toward, or away, from this music? Can you think of a good example of a time where music was an integral part of connecting (or distancing) yourself to the culture of your parents’ or grandparents’ generation?

3. Using Miller Chapter 3 as a reference, integrate one of the sections into your narrative; consider how Value Systems and Heirarchies, Music and Identity, and/or Cultural Intersections are at work in your relationship to your family's music. Use one quote or cited example. 

If you feel that you don’t like it because it’s “lame” or some other value judgement, understand that music tradtitions are neither good nor bad, and liking or disliking them is a statement of your position within a culture or subculture more than it is a valid aesthetic assessment (earlier generations appreciated this music, and were not any more, or less, intelligent than you).

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