Business 10
Introduction to Business - Telecourse
Course Overview and Syllabus 
Section 65Z  /  Call Number 0304
Winter 2004  /   5 Units
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My web site contains course documents, a frequently updated list of homework assignments, and many tools and resources for students.

Course Objectives:

Introduction to Business is a survey course which provides a broad overview of the environment, principles, and functions of business.  Students will gain a firm foundation in business terminology and practices essential for success in industry.  Throughout the course students will have the opportunity to learn more about different functional areas and industries to start career planning.


English Writing 100B and Reading 100 (or Language Arts 100), or English as a Second Language 24 and 72 (or English as a Second Language 4).

Required Materials:

All of the required materials for this course may be purchased at the De Anza Bookstore.  The phone numbers for the bookstore are (408) 864-8907 or (408) 864-8949. Online ordering is available via the Bookstore Home Page.

Succeeding in Distance Learning Courses:

Many students expect that distance learning courses will be less demanding than lecture courses.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  Distance learning courses are more challenging for most people, because they require that you organize your own time to keep up with assignments.  Since Business 10 is a 5-unit course, the average level of effort required is 15 hours per week.  I recommend that you block off 15 hours per week for this course in your calendar, just like any other appointment you might make.  This should provide you with adequate time to view the videos, read the textbook and telecourse guide, work on the business simulation game, prepare written assignments and study for exams.  (Naturally, you will also want to note other important milestones in your calendar, such as the dates and times of exams, review sessions, and due dates for assignments!)  The Emerging Learner is a video series which can help you to succeed as a distance learning student.  You can get more information on this video series on the DLC Home Page under the "Services and Resources" link.

Course Requirements:

To make the game a bit more exciting, you will be playing for extra credit points.  By the end of the quarter, the team(s) that performed the best in the class in terms of profits and shareholder value will earn extra credit points towards their grade.  Each person in the partnership that has the highest level of profits and the highest level of shareholder value in 2009 will earn 5 points.  If the same team has the highest level of profits and SHV, then the partners will each earn 10 points.  As assignments are turned in, I will compose Mike Street Journal articles for the listserv, so you can keep tabs on how your competitors are doing.

Grading Policy:

Assignment of Grades:

Dropping the Course:

Students are responsible for submitting the appropriate form to drop the course. Courses may be dropped by using the Star system or on the De Anza web site.  It is very difficult to tell in a distance learning course whether or not a student is still attending, so all students who do not drop the course on their own will receive the letter grade they earned.

Academic Integrity:


Please refer to the weekly homework assignments posted on the instructor web site for detailed homework instructions.
Week 1:  01/05-01/11
Course Orientation
Week 2:  01/12-01/18
Introducing Business, Highlighting Small Business & Selecting a Form of Business Ownership
Week 3:  01/19-01/25
Accounting for Management, Managing Risk, & Marketing Products
Week 4:  01/26-02/01
Promoting Products, Defining Products, & Pricing Products
Week 5:  02/02-02/08
Distributing Products, Managing Operations, & Managing Business Information
Week 6:  02/09-02/15
Managing Short Term Financing, Managing Long Term Financing, & Managing a Business
Week 7:  02/16-02/22
Establishing a Business Organization, Managing Human Resources, & Managing the Work Environment
Week 8:  02/23-02/29
Handling Labor Relations, Responding to Change, & Defining Economic Systems
Week 9:  03/01-03/07
Contending with Government Involvement, Accommodating Business Law, & Understanding Money
Week 10:  03/08-03/14
Promoting Social Responsibility & Competing in a Global Environment.
Week 11:  03/15-03/21
Course Wrap-Up

Cable TV Schedule:

Cable TV Schedule
Week # Video # Lesson Title CCN 1: Mondays, 7:00 - 8:30 AM CCN 1: Wednesdays, 5:30 - 7:00 PM CCN 2: Saturdays, 4:30 - 6:00 PM
1   No Broadcast 1/5/04 1/6/04 1/10/04
2 1 Introducing Business 1/12/04 1/19/04 1/17/04
10 Highlighting Small Business
9 Selecting a Form of Business Ownership
3 25 Accounting for Management 1/19/04 1/26/04 1/24/04
26 Managing Risk
16 Marketing Products
4 20 Promoting Products 1/26/04 2/2/04 1/31/04
17 Defining Products
19 Pricing Products
5 21 Distributing Products 2/2/04 2/9/04 2/7/04
18 Managing Operations
8 Managing Business Information
6 23 Managing Short-Term Financing 2/9/04 2/16/04 2/14/04
24 Managing Long-Term Financing
11 Managing a Business
7 12 Establishing a Business Organization 2/16/04 2/23/04 2/21/04
13 Managing Human Resources
14 Managing the Work Environment
8 15 Handling Labor Relations 2/23/04 3/1/04 2/28/04
2 Responding to Change
3 Defining Economic Systems
9 5 Contending with Government Involvement 3/1/04 3/8/04 3/6/04
4 Accommodating Business Law
22 Understanding Money
10 6 Promoting Social Responsibility 3/8/04 3/15/04 3/13/04
7 Competing in a Global Environment
11   No Broadcast 3/15/04 3/22/04 3/20/04
12   No Broadcast 3/22/04 3/29/04 3/27/04