Mike's Bikes Hall of Fame at De Anza

cartoon of a dog coasting downhill on a bike
This page only includes those who have earned a Shareholder Value of $80 or above, and not all "A" grade or winning teams.   (Record-keeping started Fall Quarter 2008)

Quarter Team Name Shareholder Value at End of Game
(7 or 8 rounds)
Fall 2015viaCycle$161.16
Winter 2017Locomotion Cyclery$154.58
Winter 2017Velo Revolution$151.87
Fall 2014Best Bike$150.73
Spring 2016Highroller Inc.$135.92
Spring 2014Bikeception$133.80
Winter 2015Galaxy Wheels$132.98
Fall 2014Fire Bikes$131.96
Winter 2014Schwinning$124.52
Spring 2012AMEE Bike$122.94
Spring 2014Cycle Solutions$118.93
Winter 2012SUPERBIKE$116.76
Winter 2017Absolute Bikes$115.23
Spring 2012GEARS$111.90
Spring 2012KOGA$104.20
Fall 2016IDKBikes$101.77
Winter 2017Cycle Storm101.74
Fall 2013Hurricane Inc.$100.84
Fall 2011Team Super Vikerz$100.35
Winter 2017CleverCycles$99.57
Winter 2014Royal Bikes$96.90
Fall 2013Pho King Phong Co..$95.75
Spring 2009 Panther $95.39
Spring 2016UNDFTD$93.77
Fall 2015Dream Green$93.00
Winter 2012Made in China$89.85
Fall 2015Smash Bike Co.$88.89
Winter 2017Gears$88.77
Winter 2009 Crazy Wheels $87.14
Spring 2012Made in China$86.41
Spring 2016AlphaFit$84.61
Winter 2016Kevin$83.66
Winter 2012MyBike$82.87
Winter 2016Phoenix$82.53
Winter 2012FlowerPower$81.77
Winter 2017Pedal to the medal$81.74
Fall 2015NASA Rovers$81.00