Bus 10: Introduction to Business
Course Overview and Syllabus
Hybrid Format - Lecture & Online 
Spring 2017  5 units
Michele Fritz

Section 03Y Meet Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9:30 to 11:20 AM in ADM 102.  Students need to schedule one additional hour per week for team meetings and online work.
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Course Objectives & Student Learning Outcomes:

Introduction to Business is a survey course which provides a broad overview of the environment, principles, and functions of business.  Students will gain a firm foundation in business terminology and practices essential for success in industry.  Throughout the course students will have the opportunity to learn more about different functional areas and industries to start career planning.  By the end of the course students will be able to:
  1. Distinguish among the primary functions within a business, (i.e., marketing, operations, human resources, accounting and finance) and identify the interests and roles of key business stakeholders (i.e., employees, management, owners, and society).
  2. Demonstrate a working vocabulary of business terms.

Required Materials:

Course Requirements:

Lesson Plan:

Date Class Topic (Please refer to Canvas site for details.)
Week 1
Course Introduction; Entrepreneurship
Week 2
Accounting; Teamwork
Week 3
Marketing Strategy; Pricing & Promotion
Week 4
More on Marketing: Distribution & Branding; Exam 1
Week 5
Product Development; Operations Management
Week 6
Finance and Money
Week 7
Legal Forms of Ownership; Management
Week 8
Exam 2; Communications;  Human Resource Management
Week 9
Motivation; Social Responsibility
Week 10
Technology;  Economics
Week 11
Exam 3; Global Business
Week 12 Final Exam

Academic Integrity:

Dropping the Class:

Students who need to withdraw or drop are responsible for submitting their own transaction in the portal.  Students who remain registered in the class will receive the grade earned.  The instructor reserves the right to drop students with excessive absenteeism per the attendance requirement.

Disruptive Behavior:


Assignment Weights (Excluding Extra Credit)
Course Requirement
Point Value
4 Exams (lowest one dropped)
480 Points
Homework & Participation
160 Points
Mike's Bikes & Peer Reviews 160 Points 20%
Total Available
 800 Points

Grade Scale

If Your Total Score is

Resulting Grade

780 and up A+
740 - 779 A
716 - 739
700 - 715
660 - 699 B
636 - 659 B-
620 - 635 C+
556 - 619 C (C- grade does not exist)
540 - 555 D+
500 - 539 D
476 - 499 D-
< 476 F


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