Business 71

Course Overview and Syllabus 
Winter 2002
Michele Fritz

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Course Objectives:

This course examines the Internet as a tool for effective marketing.  Students will learn how the Internet has impacted the marketing environment, consumers, and the elements of the marketing mix, and explore implications for a company's marketing plan.

Advisory Prerequisites:

Required Materials:

Course Requirements:

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Week Of: 
 Class Topic
Course Introduction and Overview.
E-Marketing Environment and Technology Overview.
[Homework 1 Due in Class.]  Internet User Characteristics and Behavior.
Market Research.
[Homework 2 Due in Class.]  Products and Services on the Internet.
[Midterm in Class.]  Pricing and Distribution on the Internet.
E-Marketing Communications.
The E-Marketing Plan.
[Email Newsletter Due in Class.] Customer Relationship Management.
[Homework 3 Due in Class.]  Ethics and Law.
Wrap Up on Ethics; Exam Review. Final Exam will be held from 5:40 to 7:40 in class.
3/26 at 6:15 PM
Final Exam.