Business 79

Business Strategy

Course Overview and Syllabus 

Spring 2006
4 Units

Michele Fritz
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Course Objectives:

This is a "big picture" course which provides a view of business from the perspective of the CEO.  It provides a framework for the analysis of industries and individual companies competing in today's economy.  Traditional businesses will be compared with e-businesses.  Students will learn how to develop a strategic plan and how its implementation can impact a firm’s competitive success.


Computer Applications and Office Systems 94 or Computer Information Systems 94; English Writing 100B & Reading 100 (or Language Arts 100), or English as a Second Language 172 and 173; Mathematics 200 or 210.

Required Materials:

Course Requirements:

Grading will be based on evidence of logical analysis using course concepts, proper grammar, and writing style.  It is not a research report.  Authors of excellent papers will substantiate their conclusions based on logic and case facts.  This assignment should be organized like a formal report, written in complete paragraphs with transitions, etc.  Bullet points or notes are not acceptable.  Papers must be typed, double spaced, in a standard font size of 10 or 11.  Avoid using a "report cover"-- a staple is sufficient.  Please observe the maximum length for the report--your instructor will not read beyond it.

Drop Policy:

Students are responsible for completing the appropriate forms in order to drop the class during the first 8 weeks.  Students who remain registered in the class will receive the grade that they have earned.

Academic Integrity:

Students who submit the work of others as their own or cheat on quizzes will receive a failing grade in the course and will be reported to college authorities.

Grading Policy:

Assignment of Grades:


Detailed homework instructions can be found in the Weekly Homework Assignments file on the instructor web site.
Week # 
 Class Topic
Course Introduction;  The Strategic Management Process.
Setting Company Direction & Financial Analysis; Anheuser-Busch case.
Industry Analysis; Peapod case.
Company Analysis; more on Peapod.
Strategy and Competitive Advantage;  Dr. Koop case.
Tailoring Strategy to fit the Situation; eBay case.
Implementing Strategy and the McKinsey 7-S model.
Building Organizational Capabilities; Kimpton Hotel case
Presentations on Guisseppe's Original Sausage Company and Cannondale Corporation.
Managing the Internal Organization; Culture and Leadership; return to Kimpton Hotels.
Wrap-Up on Strategic Management; Dell Computer case.