Business 90

Principles of Marketing

Course Overview and Syllabus

Fall 2005
Michele Fritz
5 Units

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Course Objectives:

The purpose of this course is to learn the fundamentals of marketing.  Students will be introduced to the marketing environment, market research, segmentation, consumer behavior, product planning, branding, promotion, pricing, and distribution.  Students will examine a broad range of firms to learn how marketing concepts are used and why they are essential to a firm's success.


English Writing 100B and Reading 100 (or Language Arts 100), or English as a Second Language 172 and 173; Math 200 or 210.

Required Materials:

Course Requirements:

The lowest exam score will be dropped from the calculation of your grade. There will be no make-up opportunities.  If you are sick or need to miss a exam, then that will be the one that is dropped.  The schedule is:

Academic Integrity:

Dropping the Class:

Students are responsible for completing the appropriate forms in order to drop the class during the first 8 weeks.  Students who remain registered in the class will receive the grade that they have earned.

Grading Policy:

Assignment of Grades:


Please refer to the Weekly Homework Assignments file for detailed assignment instructions.
Class Topic
Course Overview; Introduction to Marketing
Marketing Planning; The Marketing Environment;
Marketing Information; Consumer Buying Behavior
Business Buying Behavior; Segmentation and Targeting
Positioning; Products, Services and Branding
Product Management; Distribution Channels
Retailing and Wholesaling; Integrated Marketing Communications
Advertising, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, and Personal Selling
Direct Marketing
International Marketing; Societal Marketing
Final Exam