This is an animation of gears moving. Business 96 First Week Instructions

Due Date
Assignments  Due on this Date
Before the quarter begins.
  1. Review the Syllabus to ensure that you understand the requirements of the course, the grading policies, and the materials you will need for step 2.
  2. Set up for the quarter based on what you learned in the syllabus.
    • Obtain the textbook. It will be very difficult to succeed in this online class without the textbook.  The bookstore is offering rentals, to allow you to save money.
    • Download any software needed to ensure that your computer works well with the course materials.
  3. Explore On-line Education Resources  to learn about the differences between on-line courses and on campus courses.
    • Review the Online Orientation, especially if this is your first fully online course.   Don't miss the video inside, entitled "Organizing for Online Success".
In the first week of the quarter, before midnight on Wednesday, Pacific Standard Time.
  1. Log into the course classroom in Canvas and click around to see how the course is organized.   On the course Home Page, click on the various Course Resources, and discover what is provided on the Textbook Web Site
  2. Go to the Modules by clicking on the What is Mgmt? tab on the course Home Page.    Read Assignment 1 file to find out what needs to be done this week.  
  3. Update your Account Profile to include an email address that you use, a current contact number, and a digital photo (to make our classroom discussions friendlier and more memorable).  A video is posted that shows how to do this in Canvas.
  4. Watch the other assigned videos.
  5. Click on the link for the Introduce Yourself Discussion located in the Module for week 1.  Compose your own Reply to the questions and post it into the discussion.   Then read some of the introductions posted by others, and reply to another student.   (Please note that this is a graded assignment.)
Before midnight on Sunday (PST) of the first week.
  1. In the course, click on the Assignment 1 file posted in the Module for week 1 and read it, if you have not already done so.
  2. Complete the assigned reading and review the assigned presentations on the textbook web site.
  3. Click on the link for the Learning Styles Reflection Report, follow the posted instructions, and submit it in Canvas. (Please note that this is a graded written assignment.)
  4. Look ahead to Assignment 2 to see what we will be doing as we begin the Planning Module.