My Family!.

Our family's current dog Daisy, with one of our former cats, Lunar.  Picture of my dog Daisy and one of my cats, Lunar.

Michele & daughter Anna in Tokyo, 2008 A picture of me and my daughter on vacation in Tokyo, Japan (2008).

A picture of me and my daughter exploring caves in Mexico, 2007.     Exploring caves in Mexico, 2007

My daughter in a ballet costume.      My daughter Anna was a ballerina for Halloween 2005.

My husband Kent and my daughter Anna on a boat in Sacramento, August 2004:   Picture of Kent and Anna on a boat.

Michele Fritz in front of the Taj Mahal in India.            I love to travel.  Here is a picture of me from my 2001 trip to India.

My former pooches: Brutus and Willow (who are now chasing bunnies in heaven). 
picture of my dogs, Brutus and Willow

Picture of my cats, Lucy and Clyde     A couple of my former kitties, Lucy and Clyde (in the spirit realm).