My Family!.

Our family's current dog Daisy, and her little cat buddy, Lunar.  We also have Lucy cat, pictured below.  Picture of my dog Daisy and one of my cats, Lunar.

Michele & daughter Anna in Tokyo, 2008 A picture of me and my daughter on vacation in Tokyo, Japan (2008).

A picture of me and my daughter exploring caves in Mexico, 2007.     Exploring caves in Mexico, 2007

My daughter in a ballet costume.      My daughter Anna was a ballerina for Halloween 2005.

My husband Kent and my daughter Anna on a boat in Sacramento, August 2004:   Picture of Kent and Anna on a boat.

Michele Fritz in front of the Taj Mahal in India.            I love to travel.  Here is a picture of me from my 2001 trip to India.

My former pooches: Brutus and Willow (who are now chasing bunnies in heaven). 
picture of my dogs, Brutus and Willow

Picture of my cats, Lucy and Clyde     My kitties, Lucy (still with us) and Clyde (in the spirit realm).