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I was born, raised, educated, and worked for a while in Romania. I am working at De Anza College since September 1998.

I really love to teach and I hope you can tell that during this class. Remember, there is no such thing as a dumb question: you want to understand before you get lost. In addition, please be assured that I'm ready to assist you in any way possible as you meet the challenges ahead. There are volunteer tutors available in the CIS laboratory.

In order to be successful in this class you will have to make a commitment to

  • Studying,
  • Reading the text,
  • Doing your homework,
  • Writing your lab assignments, and
  • Attending class.

Come to class on time, prepared, ready to learn and participate!

You may find that it is tough for you to understand some things and that you have to work very hard to learn, but you will feel a great sense of accomplishment as your program works and you understand why!

Classes I Teach

Summer 2018

11303CIS 22A1YBeginning Programming Methodologies in C++

Spring 2018

42528CIS 22A61YBeginning Programming Methodologies in C++
42521CIS 22B2YIntermediate Programming Methodologies in C++
45712CIS 22BH2YHIntermediate Programming Methodologies in C++ - HONORS
43275CIS 22C3YData Abstraction and Structures
45713CIS 22CH3YHData Abstraction and Structures - HONORS

Faculty Info

De Anza campus, building F5, flowering branches in foreground

Delia Garbacea





Office Hours

Spring 2018

By appointment.

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