Shannon Hassett - Psych 4

Extra Credit

If you have not earned 10 extra credit points yet, you may do the following assignment: find a recent (within the past year) news articles (from a newspaper, online news, magazine) that discusses a psychological disorder.  First summarize the article in your own words.  Then analyze the article based on what you've learned in this course.  Address the following: 1) does the article correctly discuss the symptoms of the disorder?, 2) does the article mislead the reader in any way (i.e., is the writer biased?), 3) does the article portray the disorder or the person with the disorder in a negative way?, 4) does the writer provide any supporting evidence of his/her claim or is it purely an opinion piece?  Your paper needs to be typed double-spaced with the article stapled to it.  It should be between 1-2 pages long.  


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