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Additional Treatments

Below is a list of ways to help stabilize moods.  It's important to note that these options help with mild to moderate forms of mood disorders.  It is not suggested that these be used on their own.  It is recommended that someone with a mood disorder get professional treatment by a licensed clinician.  These can be used in conjunction with a specific form of therapy.

*Increased aerobic exercise (30-minutes 3 times/week) may as effective as antidepressants (again in mild to moderate forms of unipolar depression)

*Maintaining a regular sleep cycle for those with Bipolar Disorder-because lack of sleep can trigger a manic episode

*REM sleep deprivation may lead to less depression in those with unipolar depression

*Diet (foods high in omega 3 fatty acids): fish oil, flaxseed, pumpkin seed, and walnuts have demonstrated a decrease in both depression & mania (but more so for depression)

*Keeping a journal of problems of daily living; being able to recognize the triggers of depression & mania (this one is probably best coupled with a form of psychotherapy)

*St. John's Wort seems to be effective in some cases of mild to moderate depression, but can decrease effectiveness of prescribed meds (like birth control pills)


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