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Music 12A & Music 12B Handouts
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All the handouts for Piano 1 and Piano 2 are listed in the table below. Print them out, put them together in a booklet or binder, and bring them to class each week. You can obtain free staff paper at the following URL: Be sure to include three or four sheets of staff paper in your booklet.

Cover Booklet Cover
Handout 1 Sitting at the Keyboard
Handout 2 Note Values
Handout 3 5-Finger Patterns
Handout 4 First Song
Handout 5 Staffs and Clefs
Handout 6 Intervals: 2nds & 3rds
Handout 7 Intervals: 4ths, 5ths, 6th, 7ths & octaves
Handout 8 Chord Sheet 1: Major/Minor Chords
Handout 9 Chord Sheet 2: Chord Inversions
Handout 10 Chord Sheet 3: I V I Progression
Handout 11 Chord Sheet 4: I IV I V I Progression
Handout 12 Chord Sheet 5: Accompaniment Patterns
Handout 13 Major Scales
Handout 14 Key Signatures: Circle of 5ths
Handout 15 12-Bar Blues
Handout 16 Harmonization: Lightly Row
Handout 17 Harmonization: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Handout 18 Five Qualities of Seventh Chords
Handout 19 Voicings for Seventh Chords

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