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The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet - Aristotle

I have 40 years of nursing experience in nursing and have worn a number of hats in nursing and nursing education. It is thrilling to watch dedicated and hard-working students become successful nursing professionals.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy traveling (frequently home to Canada), and anything to do with the arts (theatre, opera, symphony). I look forward to working with you and facilitating your success in our program!

Classes I Teach

Fall 2019

24785NURS 77X65RSpecial Projects in Nursing
24786NURS 77Y65RSpecial Projects in Nursing
24881NURS 77Z65RSpecial Projects in Nursing
24591NURS 83A55Pediatric Nursing
24592NURS 83A56Pediatric Nursing
21941NURS 83P1Pharmacology III
21940NURS 83PL1Pharmacology III Laboratory
22450NURS 15155Nursing Laboratory Skills for Fundamental (Non-Acute) Nursing
22451NURS 15255Nursing Laboratory Skills for Fundamental Acute Nursing
23795NURS 15355Nursing Laboratory Skills for Pediatric and Perinatal Patients
22453NURS 15455Nursing Laboratory Skills for Care of the Older Adult in an Acute Clinical Setting

Summer 2019

10057NURS 501Career Opportunities in Nursing

Course Syllabi

See individual course pages for syllabi or greensheets.

Faculty Info

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Catherine Hrycyk



  • B.A. (Sociology), University of Winnipeg, 1983
  • BSN, University of Saskatchewan, 1984
  • MScN, University of Western Ontario, 1987

Office Hours

Spring 2018

By appointment.

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