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Employee ID Badge

New Photo ID Badge for Fall 2013

A new photo ID badge is available for De Anza employees and retirees starting September 2013.

The new ID card — like the new student ID — includes a barcode with the campuswide ID (CWID) embedded and a magnetic stripe that may be activated for later use within the district. (The magnetic stripe on student cards is being used for the new printing system.)

The employee badge also notes that the holder is a "Disaster Service Worker," as identified in the California Government Code.

The card should be used to obtain your parking permit.

  • When you pick up your ID card, you will be asked to input your CWID (the number you use to log in to MyPortal).
  • If you are a new employee, you will be able to obtain an ID card as soon as you receive your CWID number. 
  • All permanent employees—full-time, part-time and hourly—and retirees are eligible for the card.
  • The card does not expire but must be surrendered if you leave the district.

How To Get Your FHDA Employee Photo ID

  1. Inform the person at the De Anza photo ID desk (see locations and hours below) that you are there to pick up your employee ID badge
  2. Present your driver's license or other photo identification
  3. Provide your CWID
  4. Smile when they take your photo!

Where & When To Get Your FHDA Employee Photo ID

Sept.16-19, Monday-Thursday
  • De Anza DASB Card Office
    College Life Office,Lower Level, Campus Center
    Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Note: In order to provide new and returning students with their ID, no employee cards will be given from Friday, Sept. 20 through Friday, Sept. 27.

Beginning Monday, Sept. 30, you may obtain your employee ID in the Office of College Life  (daytime) or the Library (evening hours). See the DASB Card website for badge ID locations, days and times.

How To Get Your FHDA Employee Parking Permit

  1. Go to the security office located at HCC 175 (Lower Level, Campus Center)
  2. Inform the person at the security office that you are there to pick up your staff parking permit
  3. Present your employee ID badge

If you have questions about the process, please contact Pippa Gibson at 408.864.8936 or e-mail

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