ESL 210

De Anza College
Language Arts Division
Conversation Practice for ESL Learners

Prerequisites: English as a Second Language 244
Required Materials: Class Assignment Packet!
Recommended Text: An English/English dictionary

Course Description:

ESL 210 is a 1/2 unit class in conversation practice. We will meet for 8 weeks, starting week 3, and each small group session will last for 1 1/2 hours. You will use your English actively to talk about your own experiences and to get to know your classmates and their backgrounds in a small group setting. You will also practice your conversation skills outside of class conducting interviews on different topics. You will have a chance to do the following activities:

• Share your culture and learn about the traditions and customs of your classmates.

• Learn how to participate actively in spontaneous or unrehearsed conversations.

• Practice asking questions and responding to the questions of others.

• Give short presentations and become better at listening to others!

• Explore your opinions about American customs and discuss the issues presented in class discussions in a small group setting.

• Improve your vocabulary by keeping notes about your interviews and class discussions.

• Learn about good online resources where you can improve your English listening and vocabulary skills. Go to Listening Practice Sites for more information.


Last Updated: 4/25/16