ESL 244

Monday, September 27

Hi everyone,
Welcome to our ESL 244 website. There isn't much here yet but I hope that you will join our discussion group so that we can share information and ideas with one another every week.

Join the Discussion Group
Join the discussion group now by clicking on the Membership Link on the sidebar. After you join, you will see a discussion link on this page and you can get started.

Monday's Group work
Here are two things that I would like you to work on tonight with your groups:

1. Friendship Force
What can you find out online about The Friendship Force?
The Friendship Force is the name of the organization that sponsored the Russian-American exchange program that you read about in More Alike Than Different.


I will give each group one question to research online (extra credit).

Monday, October 4

1. Please sit with your groups where you met last week.

2. Peer Feedback on Portfolio Writing #2: Spend about 30 minutes on this assignment. Revise these papers to turn in on Thursday, October 7.

3. Work on the Longman Interactive 3 software.
a. Please submit your test results. I will not be taking off points if you get a low score, but I do want to know how you are using this software each week.
b. After you finish, write a paragraph description of the work that you accomplished in class.

I will be returning your writing and talking to you about how to improve your Portfolio Writing #1.


1. If you can, word process your final draft.
2. Skip every other line when you write.
3. Write the date on your final draft.
4. Turn in all your drafts (3) with the peer feedback form attached. Attach the most recent draft on the top.

Tuesday's Class Work (L-32)

1. Please bring your newspapers and the completed study guide for Easy English Times.
2. Also bring your paragraph writing in response to What Every Student Should Know (Ch. 2).

*See your week 3 assignments for more details! Don't forget that we will be introducing Breaking Through on Thursday. You can order your book online from the bookstore or check out a copy of the book from a library.

Monday, October 11

1. Time to Work on Longman Interactive (ESL software)
2. Writing Workshop: Time to conference with MaryAnne about your writing #2

Writing Portfolio #1 is due


Monday, October 18

Hi everyone,

Using Longman Interactive
1. While you are working on the software tonight, I want to focus on talking with you individually about grammar points or other software questions that you may have, so please ask me questions.

2. Don't forget to keep notes after each software session. Please turn this week's notes in today or tomorrow. Be sure to include the date on each entry your write in your software journal (You should have one entry for each week.)

Conversation and Listening Practice Activities
Don't forget to turn in your plan to improve your listening and speaking outside of class. You should put in 10 hours on this assignment.

Other Notes
Check your group folders for completed work but don't put anything new in your folders today--except Portfolio #2. Final drafts of writing #2 should be word processed or, if hand written, please skip every other line.

Would you like to share some of your revised writing with our online discussion group? Just join the website and you can send some of your writing. Ask me how to do this.

Tuesday's Activities
1. We will finish the Breaking Through group work activities and focus on the vocabulary work on your study guides.

2. Grammar/writing practice

Have a good class and let me know how I can help!


Please send your writing!:)
To see what other students in ESL 244 have posted, click on the discussion link below. Before you send your writing, please think about the reader. Can the reader understand your ideas? Your writing doesn't have to be perfect but it should be understandable to someone else.

If you want your ideas to be clear, you will need to revise your writing and edit it for the most common mistakes.


Monday, October 25

Hi everyone,
I hope you stayed warm and dry this weekend and had some time to catch up with your homework.

Longman Interactive
Regarding today's Longman Interactive software work, please continue at your own pace. Practicing the grammar should also help you to prepare for our first midterm.

Time to Conference
I will be returning all your writing work tonight. If you got an incomplete, or received a low mark, e.g. a minus (-) , you can revise your homework.

Remember, that I will be grading your reading notebooks and journal writing (software and conversation/listening practice) for their completeness at the end of the quarter, so don't throw away your weekly assignments.

Wednesday, October 27 Changes
On Wednesday, we will finish our discussion of Breaking Through, ("Home Alone" and "Stepping Out"). Please bring Breaking Through to class and your completed study guides (#1 and #2). Please attach your summary of “Forced Out” to study guide #1 to turn in if you want feedback before the midterm.

I have changed the reading assignments for Breaking Through to give you more time to work on your reading and study guides. The reading assignment in Breaking Through, pp. 42-69, and study guide will be due on Wednesday, November third after our first midterm.

I will pass out the assignments for week 7 on Wednesday.

Please let me know how I can support your efforts to prepare for the midterm.



Monday, November 1

I hope you all had a fun Halloween! The highlight for me was a group of three little kids who came to my house trick or treating. All three were dressed like dinosaurs in costumes that looked homemade (probably made by their mom). The funniest part was that they wore gloves with long claws, so they had a really hard time picking candy out of the basket. They didn't give up, however, until they got their claws full of chocolate! :-)

Do you have a Halloween story to share? Click on the Discuss link at the bottom of the page.

Midterm Tomorrow
1. Bring lined paper.
2. Bring Breaking Through and What Every ESL Student Should Know.
3. Also bring a dictionary to use in Part II of the test.

First Part of the Test
Closed book on grammar (No dictionaries or books)
Second Part of the Test
You can use your books to write about what you read. You can use a dictionary but no notes.

How to Review?
1. Practice writing answers to the review questions that I gave you last Thursday.
2. Practice editing (correcting mistakes in paragraphs and sentences)
3. Practice writing complete questions and answers.

Mid-Quarter Check list
Are you missing any work? Check off the assignments that you have turned in to me by using the check off sheet I gave you last week.

Tonight's Software Assignments
Continue at your own pace and submit your tests. Don't forget to write weekly summaries and a response as I will be giving you credit for these assignments.

Talk to me!


p.s. Some students have posted their writing on "Recent Discussions" (Look on the side bar). May shared her free writing about diversity there (chapter 6, What Every ESL Student Should Know.) Check it out! If you can't connect to these posts, you probably need to join our discussion group.


Monday, November 8

We only have 4 more weeks left to use the software, so please take advantage of this opportunity to improve all of your English skills and your grammar.

Tomorrow I will give back the midterms and talk about how I will be evaluating your work during the last 4 weeks. We will have two more graded portfolio writing assignments and two more tests, one on grammar (5 points) and one on Breaking Through (5 points).

Because I was working on the midterms over the weekend, I do not have any other papers to return to you, so work can go into your folders but should not be taken out.

If you haven't turned in the final drafts of portfolio #1 and #2, those papers will not be accepted after this week.

Please talk to me if you have questions about your work or have questions about what to do next quarter. I am here to support you and offer guidance whenever possible, so please talk to me tonight or make an appointment to see me at another time.

Have a good class!


p.s. Vivian found a good website where you can go to record your voice and get feedback on your pronunciation. Ask her to show the website to you. I think the site is called English Central. Check it out!


Monday, November 15

1. In addition to working on the software, please work with a partner to complete the Writing #3 Feedback form. Revisions of Writing #3 will be due on Thursday. (Hand in two drafts and the feedback form on Thursday.)

2. I will give each of you a list of the homework assignments that you are missing. Completing your homework and spending time on your writing is the most important thing you can do to be successful in ESL 244. Take advantage of my time in At 103 tonight to discuss your work.

3. Tomorrow we will focus on chapter 8 in What Every ESL Student Should Know." We will discuss chapter 8 and you will have a chance to revise your summary writing after our discussion. We will also review the guidelines for summary writing.

4. Some of you don't have enough time to practice using the software outside of class. Please check out the grammar links on Educational Resources. Try "ESL Blues" for good verb tense practice and help with question forms.

Have a good class!



Monday, November 22

Writing #3
Revisions of Writing #3 must be turned in this week. (Hand in two drafts and the feedback form no later than Wednesday but hopefully tonight.) I will return these paragraphs to you to revise one last time.

Note about Writing #3
I need to see your first drafts as well as your revised work. Writing is a process and I give you credit for your progress and improvement. If I don't see any progress, it's hard for me to give you credit for improvement.

Late Work (Assigned before November 15)
Last week I gave each of you a list of the homework assignments that you are missing. I stressed the importance of your completing your homework if you want to do well in ESL 244. Please turn in your late work by Wednesday. If there is a reason that you are unable to complete this work, please talk to me tonight. I will not accept work assigned before November 15 after Monday, November 29.

Note on Late Work
I support each of you and want you to succeed, but I also expect you to work hard in ESL 244. You must find time to do your homework.

Writing Credit
I will be giving you credit for writing that you send to our discussion group. Everyone should send one of their paragraphs to our 244 website. Reading each other's writing is a great way to get ideas for your own paragraphs and also a useful way to better understand our reading assignments.

1. Tomorrow we will focus on chapter 9 in What Every ESL Student Should Know."

2. We will also continue the group work discussion of Breaking Through (study guide #5) that we started last Thursday.

3. In addition, we will try to squeeze in a little bit of grammar work on both Tuesday and Wednesday, so it's a good idea to bring Focus on Grammar both days.

Have a good class and let me know how I can help!



Monday, November 29


Today will be the last day for you to work on Longman English Interactive in class. I will pass out an evaluation form for you to complete and turn in with your software journals--due next Monday.

Conversation and/or Listening Practice Assignment
I will also give you an evaluation form to complete for this assignment. Like the software assignment, this project is worth 10 points and is due next Monday.

Time to Plan Group Presentations
Meet with your presentation groups to review the written assignments that you will be turning in to me no later than Wednesday of this week. I will also give you time to discuss your presentations tomorrow and Wednesday in class.

The Group Presentations have two parts:
1. Part I: Focuses on a review of the stories covered in study guides #6 and #7. Every group has an assignment. (All groups should prepare to discuss the last story, "Moving Still.")

2. Part II:
See the questions that I gave you on study guide #8. Decide as a group what question/s you would like to answer that focus on the book as a whole.

I will ask each group which question/s they want to answer tomorrow in class. If we have more than one group wanting to work on the same question, we may have to flip a coin, so think about what your first, second, and third choices might be.

Two More Possible Questions to Add to the List
1. Can you make up a dialogue/s involving the people in the story? Try using some of the vocabulary that you learned in your dialogue.

2. How are the problems that you have learning English and adapting to the American culture similar and/or different from the ones that Francisco has? Support your ideas with examples from the book.

Writing #3
I will be returning your Writing #3 for you to revise. These revisions, with all earlier drafts, should be turned in no later than Monday, December 6 (our last day of class).

Turn in all work that I have not read by the end of this week with the exception of Study Guides 6, 7, and 8 from Breaking Through. Don't turn in these last 3 study guides (unless you want to make a copy of your work) because I will not have time to read and return these study guides to you before the final. Turn them in for credit on Tuesday, December 7, the day of our final and I will give you credit.

Last Class
Our last class will be on Monday, December 6. This would be a good time to review for the final on Tuesday and have our party to celebrate the friendships we have made this quarter.



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