ESL 252

" Learning is a continual and effortless process, as natural as breathing." -Frank Smith

Course Information Spring 2006

English as a Second Language 244 or a qualifying score on the English as a Second Language placement test.

Required Texts:
(a) Northstar-High Intermediate Reading and Writing by Andrew and Laura English (Longman publishers, second edition)
(b) Breaking Through by Francisco Jimenez
Recommended Text:
An English-English dictionary-i.e., Longman Dictionary of American English

Course Description:
In ESL 252 you will read short articles and stories from Northstar and from other sources to improve your reading skills and vocabulary. There will be a new reading assignment every week, and you will have a chance to share your ideas about what you read with your classmates as well as working on short written summaries and responses. Starting week three, you will also be a reading a longer book, Breaking Through, about the early life of a California writer and professor at Santa Clara University whose name is Francisco Jimenez. At the end of the quarter, you will be giving short group presentations about topics connected to Breaking Through. In this way, I hope you will deepen your appreciation for the author's book and improve your reading skills at the same time. During the quarter, we will visit the Language Arts computer writing lab in AT 103 at least 3 times, so that you can prepare for your presentations by doing a little online research. You will also get a chance to explore some of the vocabulary and other resources linked to my website.

Grading Criteria
• Reading Notebook & Vocabulary Work: 20%
• Homework & Class Participation: 20%
• Reading Group Presentations: 20%
• Quizzes: 20%
• Final Exams: 20%

Attendance Policy:
In-class group activities and quizzes cannot be made up, so it is important not to miss classes. If you do miss a class, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed and complete the homework assignments that are due. Being on time is important too if you expect to get credit for group work activities. You may be dropped by the instructor if you are absent more than once.

Dates to Remember:
1. Friday, April 21--last day to add or drop with a refund
2. Friday, April 28--last day to drop with no record of grade
3. Friday, May 5--last day to request P/NP grade
4. Friday, June 2--last day to drop with a "W"
5. Final Exam: Thursday, June 29 (6:15-8:15/L28)



•Study Word Forms at English Works

To help with your research connected to Breaking Through, try out some of the websites listed below. Also, check out some of the newspapers listed on the ESL 224 link (224.56) as well as the sites listed on The Circuit page.


1. If you get tired of using google, try out iTools to do your research.
You can search dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other resources from the same page:

2. Mexican Migrant Workers
This site focuses on providing photos of farm workers.

3. Santa Maria High School Gallery
You will find pictures of the high school and other information about the school at this site. For more information about the city of Santa Maria, try the Chanber of Commerce.

4. Behind the Picket Fence
Culture and family life in the 1950s. You can also find out more about car culture here too!

5. Q and A
All about life in the 1950s

6. United Farm Workers of America
You will find a list of book references and websites where you can learn more about how the farm workers organized in California during the years of Cesar Chavez and what they are doing in 2006.

7. The Official Website of the United Farm Workers

8. A History of Mexican Americans in California
A comprehensive history of how Mexican Americans came to California.

9. Life Magazine Photo Album
You can find good photos of Elvis Presley and the Kennedys in this collection.

10. Francisco Jimenez Santa Clara University Website
You can find some excellent background information on the author and his books at this website. Check out the interview with the author that was done in 2001.

11. NOW with Bill Moyers: On the Border
A good site for information on migrant labor including some first person narratives written by teenagers about their lives working in the fields with their families.

De Anza College Library
Try out some of these resources. Remember to stop by the library and ask for help in finding the materials you need.

The Internet Public Library
You can find newspapers from all around the world. If you want to find out what was happening in Santa Maria in 1961 (the year that Francisco graduated from high school), check out The Santa Maria Times!


Two million join protests as immigrant debate grips US (4/11/06)

Quia Vocabulary Activities
I am going to link games here for you to practice new vocabulary. The first one focuses on the personality and behavior vocabulary presented in our first class: To play this hangman type game, you can guess at the letters or type in the whole word. Try it out!

Who are you really?

The Education of Frank McCourt
Vocabulary Matching Game


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