ESL 263

De Anza College
Language Arts Division
ESL 263.62 Information Sheet
Winter 2010

Time: 6:00-7:40 p.m. T/TH
Place: S57/ATC 103 (Advanced Technology Center)

Prerequisites: English as a Second Language 251, 252, 253, and 225 or a qualifying score on the English/ESL Placement Tests. The class is restricted to students whose native language is not English. It may be taken concurrently with ESL 261 & ESL 262.

Required Texts:
• Developing Composition Skills by Reutten, Mary K.
Recommended Text:
• Think About Editing by Ascher, Allen

Course Description: ESL 263 is a paragraph writing and editing class in which you will be encouraged to write more fluently and confidently through the following activities:

• To develop your writing fluency and confidence, you will be responding to the ideas fromDeveloping Writing Skills and from other reading sources. You will practice sharing your ideas about what you read both orally and in writing.

• To develop your writing skill, you will be composing paragraphs under a time limit in ATC 103. We will have two in-class writing assignments and a final exam this quarter.

• To improve your editing skills, you will be revising your in-class writing and also working with a group to edit the paragraphs from your writing portfolios to send to our online discussion group.

ATC 103 Lab Activities:
Beginning on Thursday, January 14, we will be going to the Advanced Technology Center (AT 103) every Thursday. Before we meet in the ATC, I’ll send a message to our 263 ONLINE DISCUSSION GROUP outlining the lab work for that class.

To find out what's going on our discussion board, go to "Recent Discussion." If you are a member, you can respond to the discussion topics that are posted there or create your own new discussion topic. If you are not a member, join now.

Grading Criteria:
1. In-Class Paragraph Writing/Revision: 30%
2. Writing Portfolio & Homework: 20%
3. Sharing your ideas online: 10%
4. Group work & Editing Quizzes: 20%
5. Final Exam: Paragraph Writing & Editing: 20%

You can expect 3 to 6 hours of homework every week. I am very supportive of your writing efforts but I also expect you to do the reading and writing assignments every week. To prepare for class, you will need to do the assignments each week and I will ask you to keep a reading notes to prepare for class discussions. The purpose of the reading and the notes is to help you generate ideas for writing and also to help you increase your English vocabulary at the same time.

Reader Feedback:
You will be reading one another's work regularly before revising your work to turn in. I also recommend working with a tutor in the Writing and Reading Center (the WRC is located in ATC 309).

The Tutorial Center at De Anza also offers an online tutoring service! Check it out!$331

You are expected to attend class regularly and be on time. If you miss class often, you will also be missing in-class writing assignments and quizzes that cannot be made up. You are allowed three absences. Students who miss more than 3 classes may be dropped by the instructor You are responsible for getting the homework when you are absent. Exchange e-mail and/or phone numbers with a classmate and check our class website so that you can stay fully informed about class activities when you are absent.

*If you are absent during the first two weeks, I will assume that you have dropped the class unless you notify me.

Dates to Remember:
Saturday, January 16-last day to add or drop for a refund
Saturday, January 9 (-last day to drop with no record of grade (out of state or international students)
Saturday, January 16 (-last day to drop with no record of grade (out of state or international students)
Saturday, January 23-last day to drop with no grade of record
Friday, January 29-last day to request P/NP grade
Friday, February 26-last day to drop with a "W”
Final Exam in ATC 103 on Tuesday, March 23, from 6:15-8:15 p.m.

Office Hours:
Tuesday 4:30-5:20/F-61M
Thursday 1:30-2:30/F-61M (next to the turtle sculpture)
* or, by appointment


*I check my e-mail daily, so this is a good way to reach me with your concerns or to schedule a time to get together.

Phones: 864-8576/5385
Office: F-61M (next to the turtle sculpture). I also can be reached in the Language Arts Listening & Speaking Lab (ATC 304/ext.5385)


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