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MaryAnne Ifft - ESL

The Samurai's Garden

There are important historical and cultural topics that Gail Tsukiyama weaves into her novel. For more information on the background of the novel, just click on the links listed below:

1. You will find a wide variety of information on Japan here:

2. Explore this site to learn more about leprosy. Do a search with leprosy as your key word:

3. To find out more about Japanese gardens, try this site to get started:

4. On this page, you can find a variety of information connected specifically to the novel. Notice the student website which shows the location of Tarumi and a link to the culture of The Samurai warrior as well as information about leprosy.,

5. Although this site has not been updated, there are some good early interviews with Gail Tsukiyama and useful background information about her life and first three novels.

6. For information on shintoism, shrines, and the kami that inhabit The Samurai's Garden, visit this site for some excellent background readung!

7. There is lots of cultural information for the traveler planning a visit to Japan. For example, if you want to get more information about Japanese etiquette and table manners, try out this site. You can even get guidance on how to hold chopsticks correctly with an animated tutorial!

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Last Updated: 4/25/16