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Natasha Joplin - Counseling

HUMA 10: Human Sexuality (Lecture)

The comprehensive study of the biological, psychological and social-cultural aspects of human sexuality. An exploration into values and attitudes and their relationship to behaviors and behavioral changes. Includes an assessment of various cultural mores and current safe sex practices. Four (4) Units/Four (4) hours lecture (48 hours total per quarter)

Spring 2017 Schedule:

 CRN #   Schedule ID    Time/Days                         Location         Instructor        
 44361  HUMA-10.11

 T&Th 4:30-6:20pm

 MLC 270

 Joplin, Natasha

 01035  HUMA-10.62

 T 6:30-10:20pm

 MLC 270  Joplin, Natasha

Instructor's Contact Information
Instructor:        Natasha Joplin - "Change comes one determined person at a time" 
Office:             Registration & Student Services Building (Counseling Center), Office # 214
Office Hours:  See appointment desk in Counseling Center for "drop-in advising" only
Phone:            (408) 864-5405
Email:              joplinnatasha@fhda.edu  

Student Learning Outcome (SLO): Critically examine and synthesize the social, cultural and physiological implications in the field of human sexuality; and demonstrate the ability to analyze and respond to complex issues related to human sexuality in all assignments.

Course Objectives • Course Information

A. Provide information concerning biological, psychological, ethical, and social aspects of human 

B. Increase the student's awareness of sexual attitudes, behaviors, experiences, stereotypes, and

C. Provide students with opportunities to discuss and clarify their own beliefs, opinion, and value   
     systems as it applies to sexual behavior.

D. To encourage you to become more comfortable talking about sex as well as to explore various 
     dimensions of your sexuality in order to see how each affects your personal sexuality, sexual
     health, relationships, and sexual responsibility.

Please be aware that the advisory for this course is EWRT 1A or ESL 5.

Transfer Information/General Education Requirements
HUMA 10 is transferable to both the CSU & UC campuses, as well as many private universities/colleges. This course fulfills AREA 4 of the IGETC, AREA D or E of the CSU General Education Breadth Requirements, and AREA D of the Associates Degree General Education requirements. HUMA 10 is also part of the A.A. major requirements for Liberal Arts – Social & Behavior Sciences emphasis.

Important Spring Quarter 2017 Campus Dates & Deadlines (www.deanza.edu/calendar)

• Last Day to Add Course with Add Code: April 22nd.
• Last Day to Drop Course with no record of grade: April 23rd.
• Last Day to Drop Course with a “W”: June 2nd.

Credit is based upon:

  1. Performance on three (3) tests.
  2. Active and quality participation in class discussions.  You may be called upon randomly, by the instructor, to answer questions.  We are all here to learn so if you don’t know the answer, take a guess!
  3. Four (4) "Pop" Quizzes
  4. Film Assignment
  5. Weekly LearnSmart homework assignments
  6. "Self Awareness" packet
  7. "Who Am I Sexually"

Absence Policy

To benefit fully from the course, involvement in both discussion and lectures is important.  Be prepared to make connections between the material read, speakers, videos, yourself, your family, and your daily life. Given the nature of this class, regular attendance is extremely important. Only one (1) for the class. 5 points will be deducted for each absence thereafter.  (Example: 5 points deducted for third absence, 10 points for forth absence, 15 points for fifth absence, and so on.) The instructor reserves the right to fail students who have more than 2 absence.  Please email me in the event of an absence if an assignment or test is missed or to turn in an assignment late. If I don't hear from you prior to the next class meeting after an absence you will not be able to take a make-up test or turn in a late assignment. In addition, timely arrival to class is essential, especially on speaker presentation days. Students are expected to remain in class for its duration unless the instructor gives prior approval. Significantly late arrival (after roll has been taken) or early departure may count towards your allowed absences. If you are late to class, just come on in, and make sure that you stay after class for a moment in order to get marked present. No tardiness beyond 15 minutes (except if you contact me prior to class time); please do not come in, for it is disruptive and too much class time has been missed. Apprising me of your tardiness the next class period will not be accepted towards extra-credit. Give me a phone call or email a message if you are unable to attend class so that I'm familiar with your lives/circumstances should there be a request/need for an extension of an assignment. Do not simply stop attending class- you may be dropped or will receive a failing grade. Adding this course and dropping/withdrawal from this course is the student's responsibility, according to the guidelines that are set forth by De Anza College. 

Speaker and test dates are subject to change.  Please, no visitors/guest ever allowed!


Topics, including lectures, films, readings, etc. often are sexually explicit, presenting a wide variety of human sexual behavior, values, and beliefs.  Although I strive to be sensitive in the presentation of such course materials there is the potential of some course materials to be taken as offensive and/or demeaning.  The content of this class may provoke strong emotional responses.  Students might find some material offensive.*

Required Materials

A FOLDER for class handouts, a STAPLER, and a printed copy of the *Green Sheet/Syllabus, (*please bring to all class sessions). Please do not submit assignments that are not stapled; and, I do not provide a stapler for the class, so don't ask me. Always have pen & paper for taking notes during class sessions. Three (3) GREEN colored Scantrons, and a # 2 pencil (required for all test).

Required:Human Sexuality, Diversity in Contemporary America William L. Yarber & Barbara W. Sayad, McGraw Hill Education, Revised Ninth Edition for De Anza College. You must purchase the textbook bundle (which includes the additional course materials and the E-Book using the following ISBN: 9781308687278.

The URL allows you to register for either the 2 week courtesy trial and/or enter the access code that comes with the book you purchase through the De Anza bookstore. Please note that you can not click and open the URL that I've highlighted below, so what you have to do is open another browser or tab and copy and paste the URL to it.

To register for this course and access your E-Book and LearnSmart homework assignments go to:

6:30 class please click the following URL:  http://connect.mheducation.com/class/n-joplin-spring-2017-t-630

 4:30 class please click the following URL: http://connect.mheducation.com/class/n-joplin-spring-2017

With the above URL you may sign up for the "free 2-week courtesy trial" and/or enter the access code that comes with the book you purchased through the De Anza bookstore.

Graded Assignments 

All assignments MUST be written in blue or black ink, STAPLED (not paper clipped), and completed on the designated handout(s) and/or test(s) unless Instructor otherwise specify. 

No extensions on assignments unless you have emailed me for an excused absence. No or reduced credit will be given to those who submit work written with a pencil, and for tattered, untidy, or illegible work.

Do not make additional copies for yourself or for others of the exams/quizzes, assignments, and/or hand-outs!

*Please be advised that students may not be reminded of due dates to turn in assignments

Test #1:______ Test #2:_______ Self Awareness Packet:______  Who Am I Sexually: ______

Pop quiz #1: _______  Pop quiz #2: _______  Pop quiz #3: _______  Pop quiz #4: ________ 

Film Assignment:________ Learn Smart homework assignments:
1:___ 2:___ 3:___ 4:___ 5:___ 6:___ 7:___ 8:___ 9:___ 10:___ 11:___ 12:___ 13:___1 4:___ 15:___  16:___ 17:___ 18:___

LearnSmart homework: Required weekly adaptive reading assignments. As you are reading the chapter, you will be asked questions about what you have just read. You may spend as much time as you like to complete the questions. Your goal is to get 100% mastery on each section by the due date (however you may also decide the number of points you would like to receive). There are 7 days between each due date. 180 points total (10 points per chapter).

Chapter 1 & 2 due May 2

Chapter 3 & 4 due May 9

Chapter 5 & 6 due May 16

Chapter 7 & 8 due May 23

Chapter 9 & 10 due May 30

Chapter 11 & 12 due June 6

Chapter 13 & 14 due June 13

Chapter 15 & 16 due June 20 

Chapter 17 & 18 due June 27

Who Am I Sexually Due: Tuesday, May 2nd. (10points) No exceptions/extensions unless approved for an excused absence.

Self Awareness Packet. Due: Tuesday, May 23rd. (20 points) No exceptions/extensions unless approved for an excused absence.

Your Ideal Relationship

Let's Talk About Sex

Let's Talk About STI's

Body Image

Sexual Practices Values Clarification 


Film assignment due Tuesday, June 13th (50 points) No exceptions/extensions unless approved for an excused absence.

* You may submit the Film Assignment one (1) class session late, but 10 points will be deducted! I will not accept after one class session passed the due date.

Film Assignment Guideline <--- Please Open Link & Print Out

Please be aware the advisory for this course are EWRT 1A or ESL 5.  Even though there are no enforced prerequisite’s for this course, students are expected to complete reading and writing assignments at the advisory level.  Points will be deducted for misspellings, poor sentence structure, and grammatical errors.

Students must submit their Film Assignment to the free online tutoring for feedback.

You must make the suggested corrections for your assignment, then submit to me both the draft with the suggested corrections and the final corrected assignment. (see below for instructions).

 In order to guarantee feedback in a timely manner from the on-line tutor,  please submit your completed assignment no later than a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the due date of the Film Assignment (there is NO 24 hour tutor feedback turnaround).

Free online tutoring available to all De Anza College students.

Just log in to MyPortal, go to the Students tab, and find the Smarthinking link. You can work with a tutor live (hours vary by subject), post questions, or Submit an essay or paper for a tutor to review and receive feedback for a response. For more information, go to www.deanza.edu/studentsuccess/onlinetutoring

Diana Alves de Lima & Melissa Aguilar, Student Success Center Co-Directors: Contact us at alvesdelimadiana@fhda.edu or aguilarmelissa@fhda.edu.


Honor's Students

Only students enrolled in the Honor's Program will complete this Additional Requirement:

A Power-Point Group Presentation/Debate: 100 points   

Power-Point Group & Debate Presentation Instructions   <--- Please Open Link & Print


Extra Credit  


Choose from one of the three (3) sections below, you may NOT combine sections!

All extra-credit (with the exception of "perfect attendance and hand-outs") are to be completed and/or submitted by Tuesday June 20th (6:30pm class) and Thursday June 22nd (4:30pm class). Note: Additional Extra-Credit opportunities (not stated below) during the quarter may become available (TBA)

Section 1:

Select from the following for up to a total of fifteen (15) available points:               

  • A three (3) minute oral presentation on a Human Sexuality Current Event.  Recent articles (newspaper, magazine, etc.) or television news program (20/20, 60 minutes, Dateline, etc.) are examples of what should be presented.  Bring the article or document the time, date, channel, and TV program used in your presentation.  Because of time constraints at the end of the quarter; you may not get an opportunity to present! 5 points per article (up to 3 max)
  • Human Sexuality relevant “Personal Experience”.  Share a personal story with the class about an incident, circumstance, or condition you experienced that might benefit the class to hear.  What was the outcome?  What lessons were learned?  We all learn through others, so your willingness to share will be appreciated. 15 points
  • Perfect Attendance throughout the quarter. 10 points
  • Retain all of the hand-outs for the quarter. 5 points

Section 2:

Select one (1) extra-credit item from the following list, twenty (20) points: 

  • Personal Assessment/Decades Assignment:“Who You Are Is Where You Were When”. (Form is located in the back of the textbook).   
  • Watch one (1) of the following and answer the questions below. A minimum of four (4) typed written paragraphs are required per question. Include the appropriate heading at the top of the first page.

a). Using your own words, write a brief synopsis. What made this programming a compelling topic for this course?

b) Describe the characters; their contribution, importance, and their relevance to a human sexuality topic.

c). What specifically did you learn that resonated with you? What are your thoughts about the subject matter? 

  • Master's of Sex Season 3 Episode 10 "Through a Glass Darkly"
  • Sex and the City Season 4 Episode 10 "Belles of the Balls"
  • Law and Order: Special Victims Season 10 Episode 14 "Transitions"
  • Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 3 "Intersex"
  • Being Mary Jane Season 2 Episode 2 "Freedom"
  • Master's of Sex Season 4 Episode 1 "Freefall"
  • Being Mary Jane Season 4 Episode 4 "Getting Schooled"
  • Survivors Remorse Season 3 Episode 9 "Second Thoughts"

Short Documentaries:

  • "The Mask You Live In"
  • "Private Dicks, Men Exposed"
  • "The O Tapes", "Busting Out"
  • "Senegal-The Power To Change".
  • A Girl In The River (The Price of Forgiveness)
  • HBO's VICE "Trans Youth" Episode



Section 3:

Select ONE of the following locations (points given vary):  

Response Form for extra-credit Location Visits  <--- Please Open Link & Print Out

Select one of the locations listed below.  After visiting, you are required to turn in the attached Response Form whereby you will answer questions about your experience and attach some sort of confirmation of attendance.

25 points for Santa Clara County locations, 30 points for San Francisco locations, and 40 points for the SF Armory and The YWCA of Silicon Valley "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" event.

*  Walk a Mile in Her Shoes flyer <--- Please Open
   to watch this powerful video about the Walk A Mile event!
In order to receive extra credit points for participating in the "Walk" you must register for the event, create a poster that includes a positive affirmation for the cause, and walk the mile! Prices for students to participate is $5.60. Students will need to provide their student ID card and number.
* San Francisco Armory (Kink's - largest porn/adult film studio)1800 Mission St (between 15th & 14th) San Francisco, CA 94103 Must purchase ticket prior and pay on-line. Not sure if this option is still available.

* The Billy de Frank Community Center tour

* LGBTQ Youth Space

(408) 343-7940   452 South First St. San Jose CA 95113   YouthSpace@FCServices.org

*Domestic Violence Shelter tour: Community Solution (Morgan Hill) - Support Network for 
Battered Women (Mountain View) - Asian Women’s 
Home (San Jose) - Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence (San Jose)

* A Sperm Donor Bank or Egg Donor Bank tour 

* GLBT History Museum 4127 18th St. San Francisco, CA 94114 (415) 621-1107
  ** Students (with ID): $3 (the 1st Wednesday of each Month is Free)

* Good Vibrations (Sex Education Retailer) locations in Oakland and San Francisco     

*  Renegades Bar (BDSM): Thursday Nights (21+) after 8:30pm 501 W. Taylor Street San Jose, CA (The corner of Taylor & Coleman). *must be 21 years old for entrance.


* Presentation: a 10 minute power-point presentation to the class on a selected topic (see Instructor for topic options). 30 points

Grading Policy:      

  • Be a learner, attend class, respect the right of others to learn, show pride in all you do, be an active participant, be a team player, be tolerant of others and their opinions, come prepared, be responsible for your learning, complete all assignments, and follow instructions! 
  • Grading is usually based on a 600 point scale, but is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor. 
  • Bonus Extra-Credit (in addition to what is stated above) may be available. (TBA).
  • There will be 3 tests given @ 100 points each, a total of 300 points (dates subject to change)
  • "Pop" quizzes are given typically the second 15 minutes of class and there is no "make-up" if absent.
  • The Film Assignment (50pts), Self Awareness Packet (20pts), LearnSmart homework assignments (180pts), "Pop" quizzes (40pts), Who Am I Sexually (10 pts)
  • Total points; (Tests, "Pop" quizzes, LearnSmart homework, Self Awareness packet, Who Am I Sexually, and Film assignment) = 600 points, (excluding extra-credit).
  • Fifty additional points will be taken off the point total for disruptive behavior (Instructor’s discretion).

 Grade points are as follows: 537 - 600 ="A", 477 - 536 ="B", 417 - 476 ="C", 357 - 416 ="D", 0 - 356 ="F"

Grade Disputes
Please keep all assignments until you receive your final grade posted on your transcript. This will enable you to verify any discrepancies needed for a possible grade change. If you receive an “I” (Incomplete) grade, it is a “perk” given to you from me that will enable you to take a year from this quarter to complete and submit any missing assignments.

All exams and graded assignments for the course will be shredded a month after the class/quarter has ended.  If for some reason your Scantrons (only) and written assignments were not returned to you during class, and you would like to have them, please email me to set-up an time to retrieve these documents.  Once these documents have been shredded, there will be no opportunities for grade disputes.

Because I have a tight schedule, any questions you may have about the course, the assignments, test etc. must be asked during class time or emailed to me; no questions before class starts or after class ends. Questions of a personal nature may be emailed to me or you may come to my office during my counseling “drop-in” time.  

Exam Dates

Test will be distributed to students in class on the following dates (and are to be returned at the very next class meeting):

Test # 1 (Chapters 1-6)  Date: May 2nd (6:30pm class) and May 4th (4:30pm class)

Test # 2 (Chapters 7-12) Date: May 23rd (6:30pm class) and May 25th (4:30pm class)

Test #3 (Chapters13-18) Date: June 20th (6:30pm class) and June 22nd (4:30pm class)


 *Use a Scantron for all tests unless otherwise specified by instructor!

There will be no make-up tests given unless I hear from you before the next class meeting following a test, no exceptions!  Students have a 2-week time period to take “make-up” exams. It is each student’s responsibility to inquire from instructor or classmates what they missed in the event of absences.

Classroom Behavior

• Repeated offenses of “chitchatting” are considered disruptive to the classroom environment;
    therefore, you will be asked to leave according to the Instructor’s discretion.

• No studying for other classes, no sleeping, or closed eyes allowed. Let’s stay alert and prepared
    for classroom discussions!

• No talking out of turn while instructor or other students are talking. One person speaks at a time.

• No teasing or making fun of each others comments.  Let’s keep a “safe” environment for students
   to share their thoughts and/or feeling. 

• Cell phone ringers are to be turned off or on mute! Cellular phone, pager, and computer usage
   during class constitute disruption. De Anza College will enforce all procedures set forth in the  
   Student Standards of Conduct (see the DAC catalog), and the appropriate remedial and/or
   disciplinary steps will be taken when violations occur.

•  No Mobile phone or Computer usage during class unless approval given by Instructor!

Don’t miss important information!  Please pay attention for oral instructions given by the instructor because points might be deducted otherwise!


Guidelines of Academic Integrity <---- Please Open Link, print, sign, date, and bring to class to submit as comfirmation of acceptance.

email Email: Natasha Joplin

Main Counseling Phone: 408.864.5400

Office:                        Registration & Student Services Building             Second Floor         Counseling Center


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