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Laura Karst - French

French 4-5-6: Intermediate French

French 4-5-6 is the second-year series of French courses offered at De Anza. French 4, 5 and 6 are each 5-unit courses.

Unfortunately, budget cuts have threatened the continuity of our 2nd-year language courses, and we can no longer guarantee that they will be offered regularly. Please check the Schedule of Classes on the De Anza website, or contact me directly, to find out the status of French 4, 5, or 6. (French 4-5-6 are never offered during the Summer Session.)

Traditionally, French 4 has been offered in the Fall quarter, when we cover the 1st third of our textbook. French 5 has been offered in Winter, and we cover the middle section. French 6 has been offered in Spring, and we cover the last third of the book. However, this is changing, and the Levels 4-5-6 will not be offered as frequently, if at all.

These classes are conducted entirely in French.

Prerequisite for French 4: French 3 or equivalent (1 year of college French or 3 years of high school French)

Prerequisite for French 5: French 4 or equivalent

Prerequisite for French 6: French 5 or equivalent

See important prerequisite information below. De Anza College does not have placement exams for foreign language classes. If you are not sure which level of French you should take, please contact me and I will try to help you make that determination.


If you wish to sign up for level 2 or higher of any language, and did NOT complete the prerequisite course at De Anza or Foothill College, you must complete a prerequisite clearance application AND an equivalency evaluation form. Instructions and applications can be found here:
and the equivalency evaluation form can be found here:
The World Languages evaluation process is a voluntary task, and faculty are RARELY able to evaluate applications immediately. Please plan to submit your application and transcripts at least THREE weeks PRIOR to your registration date for the quarter in which you wish to take the world language course. Otherwise, the prerequisite may not be cleared in time for you to register for the course.

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Last Updated: 4/21/16