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Anu Khanna - Intercultural/International Studies

IIS Division Scheduling

Welcome!  In my role as the IIS Division Scheduler, I will post documents to this webpage in order to provide more information to our division faculty about our scheduling process and procedures.  

General Information

IIS Division - Scheduling Process

Article 7 - FA Contract

Instructions for Completing the IIS Division–Assignment Preference Sheet

  • Please review the spreadsheet with the course schedule for your department.  This spreadsheet indicates the courses the division is planning to offer in the upcoming quarter. 
  • Please note the courses which do not yet have an instructor assigned.  These are the courses (days/times) that are available for adjunct faculty to teach.  (*Note: Course offerings were determined based primarily on an analysis of enrollment data and patterns).
  • Based on the courses you are able to teach and the scheduled course offerings, complete our IIS Division - Assignment Preference Sheet (APS). Indicate, in order of priority, which courses offerings in the schedule you are available to receive an assignment for.  Save the document including your name as part of the document file name. 
  • Email the form as an attachment as a REPLY to the original email sent to you requesting your teaching preferences (This enables me to keep track of who has submitted the information). 
    (Note:  I prefer to receive this form via email.  Should you absolutely need to complete a hard copy, please submit to Anu Khanna’s mailbox in the Administration Building Mailroom). 
  • Course assignments will be made in order of re-employment preference and contract guidelines.  Each adjunct faculty member will receive a first assignment and subsequent assignment(s) based on availability of course offerings.
*Questions about the scheduling process and how assignments being made?
Refer to the “Scheduling Process” in the link above. 

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Intercultural/International Studies

Last Updated: 4/25/16