Calculus Math 1A

The standard assumption when taking Calculus is that you the student have expertise in algebra, trigonometry, and pre-calculus. If you need to review any of those subjects, just click on the On-Line Tutorials link, read through the directions on how to access and use the tutorials, and then click on the appropriate course link.
The following tutorials are intended to correspond to our current text: Calculus 8th Ed. Early Transcendentals, by J. Stewart.
This first course (Math 1A) in Calculus covers the first four chapters of the text; Chapter One is a review of some basic concepts of functions (inverse, combination, composition, exponential & logarithmic). Make sure you are familiar with the tutorial access instructions presented in the On-Line Tutorials link.
 *Just remember to 'back-page' to return to this page, so that you can continue through the Calculus tutorials.*
There are two primary sources of tutorials that will be presented here: MathTV and KhanAcademy. The MathTV has essentially one link: embedded within its website are drop-down menus which lead to the various 'sub-links'. On the other hand, KhanAcademy has a menu of individual links.
The means of presentation are quite different on both sites. You should check out both sites, as each has benefits.
The MATHTV calculus menu gives links for the following
# Limits
# Derivatives
# Applications of Derivatives
corresponding to the three chapters of this course:
Ch 2 Limits and Derivatives
Ch 3 Differentiation rules
Ch 4 Applications of Differentiation
NOTE: The various tutorials under the very first link # Limits contains examples that are not quite in the order of our chapter. For example, the first four videos are about the 'e-d' (epsilon-delta) definition of a limit, but this concept does not appear in our chapter until section 2.4 , so for sections 2.2 - 2.3 skip down to example 5 and beyond for various videos.
Coordinating our text with KHAN ACADEMY videos:
To see the entire listing of videos, click on
Scroll down the page to the links to videos corresponding to specific (though not all) sections of our text:
Ch 2 Limits & Derivatives
Sec 2.2-2.3 Limit of a Function  and 3-4 subsequent videos
Sec 2.4 Epsilon-Delta limit definition
Ch 3 Differential Rules
Sec 3.1-3.3 Derivative of polynomial; product rule; quotient rule; ; is the first of several videos on the derivative of a function.
Sec 3.4 Derivative of Composition of Function ; is the first of several videos on this topic
Sec 3.5 Implicit Differentiation
A combination of Trig and Implicit differentiation
Sec 3.9 Related Rates ; (and the three videos after this -up to 'ladder')
Ch 4 Applications of Differentiation
Sec 4.1 Maximum and Minimum Values
4.2 Mean Value Theorem
Sec 4.4 L'Hopital's Rule ; is the first of 3 videos
Sec 4.3, 4.5, 4.6 Points of Inflection/Concavity
Sec 4.9 Antiderivative / Indefinite Integral
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