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Welcome to my website.

As chair of the Engineering Department, my main responsibilities are teaching courses and advising students. My goal is to make the students' academic experiences as challenging and fun as my professional engineering experiences at GE, Lockheed, and IBM have been.

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George V. Krestas

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Engineering, Math, Physics, Com Sci
BS Physics, San Jose State University, MS CS/EE Santa Clara University
My work at GE, Lockheed, and IBM was both exciting and challenging. It combined intense analytical and computational work in a a variety of engineering disciplines ranging from simulation modeling of the flight of neutrons inside BW nuclear reactors to telemetry, studies of the thermal properties of the Shuttle tiles, and data acquisition systems in the Electromagnetic Threat Environment. I co-founded two Technical Writing agencies in the Silicon Valley and have done extensive consulting in the area of Data Base Administration and Design.
Winter 2017
CRN Course Title
33502 MATH-041.-07 Precalculus I: Theory of Functions
31220 MATH-041.-11 Precalculus I: Theory of Functions
31773 MATH-041.-22 Precalculus I: Theory of Functions
30817 MATH-042.-11 Precalculus II: Trigonometric Functions
30328 MATH-043.-23 Precalculus III: Advanced Topics
Spring 2017
CRN Course Title
40236 MATH-041.-11 Precalculus I: Theory of Functions
40237 MATH-041.-21 Precalculus I: Theory of Functions
42158 MATH-041.-28 Precalculus I: Theory of Functions
40242 MATH-043.-21 Precalculus III: Advanced Topics

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