My name is Diane Langfelder and I welcome you to my Web site. It has been my pleasure to be an member of the adjunct faculty at De Anza College for 10 years. I love teaching at De Anza, as it has given me the opportunity to share my experience with others as well as learn a great deal in return. I view teaching as a reciprocal process of give and take and look forward to sharing an educational experience with you.

Classes I Teach

Summer 2018

12200CD 10H61Child Growth and Development (Middle Childhood and Adolescence)
11854CD 5361Creative Art for the Young Child
11783PSYC 10H61Child Growth and Development (Middle Childhood and Adolescence)

Spring 2018

00302CD 10G2Child Development (The Early Years)
42013CD 541LCurriculum for Early Childhood Programs
01825PSYC 10G2Child Development (The Early Years)


Contactemail Email: Diane Langfelder
Phone: 650.365.0347
Office: CDC 221a
Hours:  W 1:00-3:00 p.m.

Child Development and Education Department



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