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LART 211 Spring 2014

Theme: Graphic Education 


LART 211



Amy Leonard                                                                         Sarah Lisha


F61-E                                                                                           F61-A 

Office Hours                                                     

M 12:30-2:20pm in F61-E                                                      M 12:50-1:20 in F61-E                 

T by Appointment only

W 8:30-9:20am in F61-E                                                      W 12:50-1:20 in F61-E

TH 12:30-1:20am in F61-E                 



408-864-8600                                                                        408-864-8576


Class Website:


Class Meetings                                                   

 TTh 10:00-12:15pm in S-71                                    MW 10:00-12:15pm in S-71





1. Easy Writerby Andrea A. Lunsford


2.A dictionary or


3. Course Reader available at the De Anza

College Bookstore (Note: the reader has

LART 211, and our names, A. Leonard and S. Lisha, on the front cover.)


4. Flight by Sherman Alexie




1. A course binder or large folder for keeping papers, assignments, notes, and handouts, as well as outlines and all drafts of essays


2. TWO folders: ONE for turning in Essay Assignments and ONE for turning in your READING HW


3. TWO journals (spiral notebook or any type of journal you like) for putting all HW and in-class writing in.  NOTE: You need one journal for Amy’s class and ANOTHER, SECOND journal for Sarah’s class.


4. A Jump Drive for saving your assignments


5. A Stapler to staple all essays


6. An email address and internet access (this is essential!!)


7. TWO Greenbooks for writing In-Class Essays


About the Course:

LART 211 is a 10-unit course, preparatory to English 1A, with an emphasis on expository and analytical writing, reading, and critical thinking. In this course, you will learn how to develop and formulate ideas and then convey them in well-organized essays. You must successfully complete LART 211 by passing the portfolio in order to take English 1A.



Writing Assignments:

  • Essay #1: Value of College Essay (50 points)
  • Essay #2: Social Networking Essay (50 points)
  • Essay #3: Ping Pong Player Essay (50 Points)
  • Essay #4: Flight Analysis (50 points)
  • Essay #5: Reflective (50 Points)
  • Portfolio: (300 Points)
  • In-Class Activities: attendance, small-group work, class discussion, debates, and quizzes (250 points)
  • Journal: reading responses and grammar group work (200 points)

Total: 1000 Points

  • Must have 188 out of 250 points on all combined essays
  • Must have 300 out of 450 points on participation and journal

Reading Assignments:

  • Participation, groupwork, and other in-class activities: (100 points)
  • Homework (including journals): (150 points)
  • Reading Quizzes: (100 points)
  • Vocabulary Work (50 points)
  • Midterm Exam (100 points)
  • Midterm Project (100 points)
  • Final Project (200 points)
  • Final Exam (100 points)

Total: 1000 Points


 The above is an approximation of the assigned points.

Grades and Evaluation:
  • LART 211 is a pass/no pass class.
  • Your essays will be evaluated using a scale of Mastery (P), Capable (P), and Not Passing (NP).
  • Any essay that does not receive a passing score must be revised within a week or it will become a zero.
 Course Goals: 

Writing Goals:

  1. Write a unified, focused, and analytical essay based on a thesis
  2. Use specific and concrete details to support your thesis
  3. Organize details in a pattern logically related to the thesis
  4. Create introductions, transitions, and conclusions
  5. Practice writing as a multi-step process with particular attention to planning and revision
  6. Identify and practice writing for different audiences and purposes
  7. Compose organized and developed essays that increase in complexity
  8. Proofread for recurrent usage and sentence-level errors
  9. Find your writing voice
  10. Have fun

Reading Goals:

1. To improve reading efficiency by developing vocabulary, and literal reading comprehension.

2. To encourage logical thinking skills

3. To introduce critical thinking skills including making inferences and recognizing fact and opinion, purpose and tone, and arguments.

4. To encourage a love of reading!

5. To explore a range of sources to help you get ideas for writing.

6. To practice in a learning situation.

7. Have fun 


Student Learning Outcomes:
Writing SLOs:
  1. Students will demonstrate a clear ability to respond critically to one’s own and others’ experiences and ideas in writing
  2. Students will demonstrate knowledge of a clear sequential relationship between supporting ideas and central argument/controlling ideas in their writing and reading
  3. Students will show evidence of strong synthesis, argumentation, analysis, and/or problem-solving skills in their writing.
Reading SLOs:
1. Students will defend choice of meaning of vocabulary words appropriate to context.
2. Students will critique readings 


LART 211 Final Portfolio:

The final for this class will be a portfolio of your writing that will include one in-class essay, one analytical essay, and one essay reflecting on your growth as a writer throughout the quarter. Your portfolio will be evaluated by a committee of English instructors who will determine if your writing demonstrates your readiness for EWRT 1A.

  • If two members of the portfolio evaluation committee determine your writing is ready for EWRT 1A, you will receive a PASS for LART 211.
  • If two members determine your writing is not ready for EWRT 1A, you will receive a NO PASS for EWRT 211.


Requirements for Submitting a Portfolio:

In order to submit your portfolio for evaluation, you must first satisfactorily complete the other work in this class. That means you must turn in all your essays and earn at least 75 out of 100 points on the essays. In addition, you must earn 75 out of a possible 100 points for all other work in class (attendance, group work, discussion, journal, reading, grammar exercises, and quizzes).


Assignment Guidelines:

  1. All final drafts must be typed, size 12 font, double-spaced, stapled, and have an interesting title.
  2. Hand in all drafts and related materials stapled or clipped behind the final draft.
  3. Late assignments will lose 1 full grade for each class it is late.
  4. Missing in-class peer editing/workshop will drop your final grade on that essay by 1 full score e.g. an essay that would have been deemed Mastery will become Capable.
  5. You cannot make up quizzes or in-class essays.
  6. Take-home and in-class essays must be at least 3 pages.


Handouts for the LART 211

Available on course Catalyst site

Handouts for Amy's Class

Available on the course catalyst site.

Handouts for Sarah's Class

Available on the course catalyst site.


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