Math 10.66Z Fall 2017

Lisa Markus

Welcome to Statistics at De Anza College. I hope you find this course interesting. This is an online class with a once a week on campus meeting. In class, I will answer questions, give examples on new material, and we will take quizzes and exams. 

Please read the SYLLABUS  all the way through! A printed copy of the calendar (last page of the syllabus) might be helpful for you to bring to class. The syllabus will be available in Canvas at the start of the quarter.

Student Learning Outcomes for Math 10:

1.Organize, analyze, and utilize appropriate methods to draw conclusions based on sample data by constructing and/or evaluating tables, graphs, and numerical measures of characteristics of data.

2.Identify, evaluate, interpret and describe data distributions through the study of sampling distributions and probability theory.

3.Collect data, interpret, compose and defend conjectures, and communicate the results of random data using statistical analyses such as interval and point estimates, hypothesis tests, and regression analysis.


    • TEXTBOOK: Introductory Statistics by Illowsky, Barbara, and Dean, Susan. (print or online) All of the text is free online. Use or download at: or at You may also purchase a printed copy at the De Anza College bookstore: .
    • NOTEPACK download here, or from Canvas, or pick up at the De Anza bookstore.
    • CANVAS: (Free.) Used for links to lectures and videos, keeping track of your grades, taking online quizzes, and for downloading and uploading projects.
    • WEBASSIGN: To access WEBASSIGN ONLINE HOMEWORK (Not available until start of the quarter. Costs about $35.) Follow the links to WebAssign in Canvas.
    • CALCULATOR: TI-83+ or TI-84+. Must be a physical calculator, not an app on your phone, etc.
    • 4 SCANTRONS: 4 long green scantrons - #882-E at the college bookstore counter.
    • OPTIONAL VIDEOS: There are links to the videos in Canvas.


Meet with tutors in the Student Success Center.

Can't make it to campus, or need help when SSC is closed?

Free online tutoring is available to all De Anza students! Click for more information

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