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I was born and raised in Sacramento; worked in agricultural farming for 10 years while pursing my degrees in Economics, Business, Accounting and Finance. I have been a part-time adjunct accounting instructor at De Anza College since 1987. My instruction includes weekday, evening, and Saturday accounting courses such as financial and managerial accounting, cost accounting, intermediate and advanced accounting; plus accounting for small business and taxation. At times, I have taught at other local college too, including San Jose City, Evergreen Valley, and the University of California, Santa Cruz Extension.

My professional career experience includes working in the field of school district fiscal services administration since 1988. I have worked as a Chief Business Official, Fiscal Director, District Fiscal Advisor, and as a Fiscal Analyst for school districts and other local educational agencies.

I enjoy teaching as it gives me an opportunity to give back and assist others in learning and developing their personal and professional skills to better their lives. Its very rewarding to encounter students of mine who have become professionals themselves in the career fields of their choice.

I truly want all of my students to succeed. I encourage students to see me if they have questions about coursework, degrees, job searching or about pursuing their future career path. So I look forward to working with you should you enroll in my class.
I wish you all the best.

Classes I Teach

Winter 2019

33635ACCT 1A6YFinancial Accounting I
00030ACCT 1B9YFinancial Accounting II

Fall 2018

21150ACCT 1B8Financial Accounting II
24540ACCT 1C7Managerial Accounting

Course Syllabi

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