Welcome to Biology 6A for Fall 2013.

This site is designed to accompany the labs for Brian McCauley's and Bruce Heyer's Bio 6A labs (for Heyer's lectures, see his site). Beth McPartlan has a separate Bio 6A course, with a separate web site.

Lab Announcements

Plants I lab: For today's lab, you should refer to these pages on this site:

Resources for Bio 6A

You'll need to use several sources of information for this class.

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  • My De Anza home page. The standard De Anza faculty member's home page. I will post the syllabus, lecture notes, lab handouts, and other essential information there. You should check that site before every class session. On the site you're looking at now, you'll see a link to my home page, along with Bruce Heyer's page, at the bottom of every page.
  • Bio 6A site. The site you're viewing now. You should use this site along with the lab manual, both during class and for home study. We have some computers in lab, and there is a wireless network in the lab so you can use your own computer or other internet device. See the calendar page for the schedule for his class, along with downloads for lecture & lab.
  • Lecture notes. Download them from the calendar on this site. The lecture notes aren't a good substitute for going to lecture, but they will tell you what was covered in lecture and what I expect you to learn.
  • Biology, by Campbell et al.: the textbook for this course. Your best source for understanding both lecture and lab material.
  • Lab manual. The lab manual, which includes the course syllabus, will be available for you to download and print; you'll get more information on this in class. The lab manual is essential; it tells you what you should do each day in lab. Look it over before you go to lab, so you'll know what's going on that day. Unfortunately, I can't put high-quality color pictures in the lab manual. That's what this site is for.

Printing instructions for the lab manual: Download the manual here (pdf). I strongly recommend that you get it printed professionally. Please copy these instructions and give them to the printer. The manual is designed to be printed two-sided and bound with a plastic coil (spiral) binding. The calendar belongs on the inside front cover. Do not add an extra blank page after the cover. Like any book, the odd-numbered pages will be on the right, and the even-numbered pages on the left. When printed this way, the manual will have a wide outside margin on each page to give you space to write. You can get it printed at Fedex, Staples, the UPS store, or various other places, either online or in person.

How to contact me

On this site, there's a link at the bottom of each page so you can email me at: mccauleybrian@deanza.edu. If you're in Bruce Heyer's lab, you should contact him with your lab questions. Use the link at the bottom of this page to go to his site.

For office hours and more contact information, check my De Anza home page.

This page updated September 30, 2013