"Your class helped me figure out where my internal conflicts were coming from. I have realized that I do not have to sacrifice part of my identity to adapt to living in the US, nor do I have to fight to keep my identity intact. I see the American culture like a big mosaic where every single piece is different. I have begun to understand how I fit in that picture as another unique piece added to the ensemble."
--Nathalie Mvondo Hyland, Cameroonian/French De Anza student

"This class, especially the student presentations, made it very clear to me that culture is important, because culture makes you who you are, and who you will be. I always knew that I was Mexican American but I never actually cared to learn about my culture. I thought of it as something of not much importance, and I just celebrated what my mother and family celebrated, not knowing the meaning behind it. During the quarter I asked my mother how she was raised and why she changed some of her behaviors and took on others. I now know more about my Mexican immigrant's boyfriend's culture too, and I understand that even though he and his family have not completely given up their Mexican heritage, that doesn't mean they will never adapt to another culture."
--Mexican American De Anza student

"The Discussion Styles workshop* designed by Piper McNulty provided a fun, useful way for a group of professional colleagues to develop an appreciation for differences in communication styles. The workshop was a very efficient and useful tool to raise awareness and allow people improve their strategies for working together in groups."
-- Ralph Pais, Partner, Fenwick & West LLP, Professor, Stanford Law School

"This class is important for people who are pursuing a career in healthcare. At the end of the course I was better able to understand and communicate with the other students in my class and I was able to test my skills at working in a culturally diverse environment. I think I have an advantage over students who do not take this class."
--Grace La, Vietnamese American student, De Anza College Nursing Program.

"Unlike many informational, lecture-type workshops I have attended, Piper McNulty's Discussion Styles workshop allowed our staff to experience communication style differences in a personally meaningful way, using a variety of learning modalities."
-- Lynne Nicodemus , Vice-Principal, Pittsburg Adult Education Center, President, CATESOL, 2004

"Having taken ICS 7 I feel more equipped to work with people of other cultures and backgrounds. I realize the importance of knowing more about other cultures so that I can show more sensitivity to their beliefs and customs."
--Tiffany Evans, European American student, De Anza College Massage Therapy Program

* The Discussion Styles Workshop is offered as part of my sections of Comm/ICS  7 - Intercultural Communication.

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