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NUTR10 - Contemporary Nutrition Information

Anna Miller NUTR10 - Contemporary Nutrition

NUTR10 - Contemporary Nutrition

This 4-unit course is an overview of nutrition. We examine and evaluate the many confusing and complex nutritional claims we are bombarded with almost daily in magazines, books, on TV and on the internet: how much carbs and what type to eat, low fat vs high fat diets, protein needs, vitamins and minerals, dietary supplements, fad diets, what kind of diet REALLY leads to weight loss, the role of diet on health and disease, and much more. This class is offered every quarter, multiple sections, taught by several instructors besides myself in both Online and Face-to-Face course formats.

Fall, Winter and Spring quarters I teach 2 sections of Nutrition 10, both fully online (including exams) . Summer quarter I will be teaching 1 section of Nutrition 10 online only.

Many students want to take this class online to avoid the travel time to campus, or because their schedule doesn't free them up for when the class is offered. Online courses are not the best learning format for every student. To get a sense if it is for you, watch this short video that is on the De Anza Online Education website:

A short video on what it takes to be a successful online student

Some students do not have realistic expectations as they start an online course and end up not doing well, as a result.  Watch the video to help you decide which is the best format for you to learn and master the material of Contemporary Nutrition.


Winter 2018 Syllabus

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