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GE Requirements for the De Anza A.A./A.S. Degree

Students planning on earning a Career Associate degree will follow the De Anza GE pattern.

Even students who are planning on transferring and are following the CSU or IGETC GE patterns will be awarded the Associate Degree based on the De Anza GE pattern. For the most part, there is not a conflict in GE patterns because the De Anza GE pattern is a simplified version of the CSU and IGETC.

There are some differences between the GE patterns that will be discussed as we examine each pattern in detail. Please note that there is a physical education requirement for the De Anza GE pattern that is not required for the CSU or IGETC GE patterns. Also, there is an ICS (Intercultural Studies) course requirement for De Anza's GE just as there is for the CSU that isn't required for the IGETC.

In comparing the 3 different GE patterns you will notice that English, math, sciences, arts, humanities, behavioral and social sciences are categories common to all three patterns. With the exception of math, whatever classes you take to fulfill the De Anza GE patterns will probably count for the CSU and IGETC patterns. As always, a counselor or advisor can assist you with your course planning.

  • Students must demonstrate proficiency in mathematics by completing MATH 114 (Intermediate Algebra) or higher or a satisfactory score on the De Anza college Intermediate Algebra Placement test.

  • Area A1: English Composition. Students can take either EWRT 1A or ESL 5 to fulfill this requirement.
  • Area A2: Communication. For Oral Communication, choose either Speech 1 or 10.
  • Area A3. For the Analytical Thinking requirement, choose one course from the choices listed.

  • Area B: Natural Sciences. One science class must be taken. It is not a requirement that the science class have a lab. Science classes with labs have their course numbers underlined on the GE sheet. Examples include BIOL 10 and GEOL 10.
  • Area C: Arts & Humanities. Students complete one class from the Arts category and one from the Humanities category.
  • Area D: Social & Behavioral Science. Again, choose one course from the Behavioral Sciences and one course from the History and Society category.
  • Area E: Physical Education, Development and Performance. Students must complete 2-5 units with at least one unit completed from PE activities. The other units can come from non-activity courses. Note that most PE activity courses are one-half unit in value except course numbers ending with an 'X' (PE 6X). Another one unit course is PE 71: Lifetime Wellness and Fitness Center Lab which has a co-requisite course - PE 70A:Orientation to the Lifetime Fitness Center.
  • Intercultural Studies (ICS) requirement. Students must complete one ICS class found in Areas C and D. ICS classes fulfill both the ICS requirement and the area in which they are taken. For example, ICS 5 fulfills the ICS requirement and Area C: Arts.
  • Students have catalog rights with this GE pattern as long as they maintain continuous enrollment, which is defined by attending De Anza at least two quarters of each academic year (excluding summer).


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