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The IGETC or Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum is used for both UCs and CSUs. The following information is meant to be an introduction to the IGETC. More detailed information on the IGETC is available on the De Anza's Transfer Planning web site.

Not all majors and UCs accept IGETC, however. For example. Roosevelt and Revelle Colleges of UC San Diego do not accept the IGETC. Ask a counselor or advisor which GE pattern is right for you depending on where you want to transfer. 

The IGETC is similar to the CSU with some major differences:

  • While it is not necessary to finish the CSU GE pattern before transfer, the IGETC GE pattern should be completed before transfer in most cases. If the IGETC is not completed, then GE certification is not possible. This means the student will now be following the transfer school's GE pattern, which is usually not a problem.
  • All classes on the IGETC must be completed with a grade 'C' or higher. 21 units may be taken for P/NP. Students should always take English, critical thinking, math and oral communication for a letter grade. If classes are taken for P/NP then IGETC must be completed and certified before transfer.
  • There is no ICS requirement for the IGETC as there is for the A.A. and CSU GE pattern. Remember that to earn an Associate degree, there is an ICS requirement.

Look at a Copy of the IGETC Requirements:

Open an online version of the IGETC GE pattern.
Area 1: English Communication
  • Group A: English Composition. ESL is not an option here; only EWRT 1A.

  • Group B: Critical Thinking. Students can take either EWRT 2 or SPCH 9 or PHIL 3.

  • Group C: Oral Communication. There is a speech requirement only for students transferring to a CSU. Students transferring to a UC do not need to take SPCH 1 or 10.
Area 2: Math
  • Students must complete one course with MATH 114 as a prerequisite. Remember only courses numbered between 1 - 49 are UC transferable, so MATH 51 will not count for the IGETC although it works for the CSU GE pattern. MATH 46 is transferable to the UC but it does not satisfy the IGETC math requirement.
Area 3: Arts & Humanities
  • Students must take three courses from this area with at least one course in the Arts and one course in the Humanities. The third class can be from either the Arts or Humanities.
Area 4: Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Students planning on transferring to a UC may complete any three courses from at least two disciplines (4A - 4J). Students using IGETC for transfer to a CSU should include POLI 1 and HIST 17A or B or C as two of the three courses. This is to fulfill the American History and Institutions graduation requirement for the CSU.
Area 5: Sciences
  • Like the CSU GE pattern, students must complete one Physical science course and one Biological Science course, one of which must have a lab (underlined).

Area 6: Language Other Than English (UC requirement only)

  • Language Other Than English (For UC only): Students must either have taken two years of the same foreign language in high school or completed two quarters at De Anza. Students who met this requirement in high school must have their high school transcripts sent to De Anza for complete IGETC certification. Students for whom English is a second language and who studied at an institution where the language of instruction was not English can have their IGETC certified providing the student submits documentation of attendance at that school. A counselor or advisor can provide further clarification for students with questions. More information is available on how to fulfill the Language other than English IGETC requirement.


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