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How to Use the Online Class Schedule

You can find the online class schedule under course information on De Anza's Homepage.

You can search by department (math, speech, history etc.).

You can search for courses that are open and are not full.

You can even do advanced searches including:

  • morning, afternoon or evening
  • by instructor
  • day of week
  • course type (distance learning, off campus, Learning Communities)

Once you select a course then you will learn more about the course including:

  • Course number (ex: HUMA 10): Courses numbered 1-49 transfer to the UC; courses numbered 1-99 transfer to the CSU.
  • The course title (ex: Human Sexuality)
  • The unit value: most classes at De Anza are four units, but classes can range from one-half unit to 10 units in value.
  • A description of the prerequisites and advisories associated with a given course. Prerequisites are either enforced during the registration process or not. Classes that are enforced include all EWRT, ESL, Math (except MATH 210), CHEM 1A, BIOL 6A & 40A.  Advisories are course competancy recommendations.
  • The CRN number: the five digit number that is used for registration purposes. Each class offering has its own CRN number. A course with more than two class offerings will have a different call number for each class section.
  • The course I.D. contains the course number and section number. Section numbers 60 and above designate evening classes. A section number with a Z (COUN100.62Z) implies a Distance Learning course. A section number with a D (EWRT001A.31D) implies a course that is part of a learning community and requires enrollment into another course that is linked to that course.
  • The time and days of the week the class meets. TBA means to be announced and is often used for distance learning classes. S indicates Saturday; R represents Thursdays.
  • The instructor who teaches each section. Staff is a generic term that no instructor has yet been assigned to teach this course. An instructor will be assigned prior to the beginning of the quarter.
  • The classroom location


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Last Updated: 2/10/11