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Nancy Olsen - Anthropology and ICS

Multicultural Art in the United States

ICS5/Art 2F - 00118
Winter Quarter 2011
Room S75
TTH 4:30 - 6:15

Asian and Asian American Section
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Greetings all! This is just to confirm the voted on agreed changes we made in class. Thursday, Feb. 24 we'll finish the Chicano section and review slides (with review sheets) for the Slide Identification part of the test. I will upload the essay questions on that night as well so you can begin working on the essay too. Tuesday, March 1 we'll take the slide identification part of the test (Part 1) (bring scantrons) and your essay should be uploaded to by Thursday night, March 3 (Part 2 of the midterm). Then it will be a downhill slide to turn in Problem 2! 

Problem #2 is Due on March 15 (Not in July!)

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Artists for the People - Artists of the Mexican Revolution
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Muralists - Origins and Inspirations
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