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Nancy Olsen - Anthropology and ICS

Welcome to my website!


Nancy, Karin, and Randi

On the right here, are two of my daughters , Randi and Karin and me at THE Hotel California in Baja California where we vacationed during spring break 2016!

In case you wondered what anthropologists do when they're not in class or doing field work!

There's also an Olsen son, but he didn't come with us because he was too busy getting a big court case ready!



Welcome to Cultural Anthropology, and Ethno-Aesthetics of Multicultural Art in the US!.

Classes I teach are Cultural Anthropology and Multicultural Art in the US. Cultural Anthropology is about human behavior and answering the question "why do people do what they do?" or "why do people say one thing but do another?" or "why do people in this part of the world think ___ is so important?" Cultural Anthropology answers those questions. I'm particularly interested in human behavior as it relates to visual images. I ask "How do people use these images socially?"

Art - or images painted, drawn, sculpted, photographed - all come from a cultural context. By studying African American artists, Native American artists, Chicano artists and Asian American artists we can learn what the important political, social, spiritual or economic issues are important - what people are thinking a lot about! HOW they show these things tells us more about the artist as an individual - so we get a better understanding of important subjects that are important to each culture in our plural society of the United States!


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