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Mark Ramsbey - Physics

PHYS-050.-61 Preparatory Physics

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  • Tuesday and Thursday 5:30 - 7:20 p.m.
  • Office hours Tuesday after class until ????
  • 4 Units
Course Syllabus

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Announcements and Reminders 

Great work so far !!!

Final exam is December 8 from 4-6pm.

Note time is earlier than normal class !!!!!!!

Assignments and Lecture Notes
Fall 2015
WeekDateThis Week's TopicsAssignments DueLecture Notes
1 09/22/15 Introduction
  • Syllabus, course objectives and format
  • How to learn Physics 
  • Introduction to class topics

Q= Question

P= Problem


All from 4th edition of text 

P0 is name, course, date and how long it took to actually complete the homework (not reading book, etc.)

Homework, quiz, test, format and grading

Physics learning process

2 09/29/15










  constant a

 Chapter 1

Due Tu 9/29:

P0, Q2, P1, P2, P3, P4, sig. fig.  P13, P16, P17, P18


Due Th 10/1:

P0, Q4, P24, P26, P28, P48, P20 (best to do last)

 Tesla acceleration


3 10/06/15


applications of  

     equations of  


free fall

Chapter 2 

Due 10/6  P0,  Q3, Q5, Q8, Q9, Q10, P3, P5, P7, P13, P15, P19, P23, P28


Due 10/8  P0, Q11, P34, P42, P43, P47, P48

  feather and hammer


free fall



4 10/13/15


Chapter 2

Due 10/13  P0, P57, P59, P61, P63, P65

P65 is worth 15 pts.  define t=0 


Due 10/15  P0, Q15, P69, P78&79 (do these 2 together), P83, P92 (discuss in class)


tide vectors


vector properties-EL


compass degrees




5 10/20/15

 Test chapters 1-2 Thursday, 10/22


More vectors




relative motion


Chapter 3


Use vector notation for all vectors

Due 10/20 P0 Q2, P5, P10 (read carefully - what is asked?), P14, P20, P22 (typo - all are "v"), P23, P26


Suggest you look at P21 (answer in back of book) for practice





cannon scores

6 10/27/15

 Motion in 2D


 Chapter 3


Due 10/27  P0, P27, P31, P33, P36


Due 10/29 but can turn in 11/03 okay

 P0, P51, P53, P57, P55

Beak P55 into x and y components and do last

 cart and ball

exam scores

exam solutions

7 11/03/15

 More Projectiles

 Chapter 4

Due 11/03  P0, P1, P2, P4, P5

Due 11/5 P0, P8, P10, P12, P19, P20, P22

 mark project
8 11/10/15

 Newton's Laws

 Chapter 3 (yes - chapter 3!)

Due 11/10 P0, P44, P45 (more below)

Chapter 4 (also due 11/10)

Due 11/10 Q2, Q4, Q5, P63, P71

1 knot = 2000 yards/hour


Due 11/12 (chapter 4) P0, P27 (explain answers for credit), P33, P35, P40, P43, P47, P53, P79


Newton 3 laws-EL


apparent weight

9 11/17/15

Normal forces and friction


Test ch 3 to 5-4

Thurs, Nov 19

 Chapter 5

Due 11/17 P0, Q1, Q8, Q9, Q11, P3, P5, P6, P19, P22, P29, P30


Remember sin2(theta) + cos2(theta) = 1

 compression, tension, shear 


Friction - EL


Springs - EL

10 11/24/15

 No class 11/26




 Must draw free body diagrams !!

Due 11/24 - 

Chapter 5 P0, Q22, P25, P27, P33, P35, P49, P51


carbon crystal structures


exam solutions

exam scores


11 12/01/15

 Circular motion

Work, Kinetic Energy

 Chapter 6  

Due 12/1 P0. Q2, Q7, P1, P3, P6, P7, P11, P12, P15


Due 12/3 P0, Q11, Q13, Q14, P54, P55, P61

Chapter 7

Due 12/3 Q9, P5, P7, P11, P19, P21, P42, P46


Solutions to 12/3 homework will be posted 12/4.


 circular fun


2 masses on a string



12 12/08/15

Final 4-6 pm

Tues Dec 8



Hang in there  !!

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