About Me

Welcome to my page. I have been teaching Economics classes at De Anza since 2002. I have lived and taught various Economics courses in India and Australia prior to that. 

I sincerely believe that everyone needs to understand how Economics and economic concepts are part and parcel of  our everyday lives.  I like to convey this basic idea to all my students and help them understand the power of having the correct information. 

My current research interests include Rethinking on Capitalism and in particular the state of the US economy since Reaganomics.

Classes I Teach

Summer 2018

10195ECON 161ZPrinciples of Macroeconomics

Spring 2018

00569ECON 15Principles of Macroeconomics
40525ECON 164ZPrinciples of Macroeconomics
45731ECON 1H5HPrinciples of Macroeconomics - HONORS
00589ECON 26Principles of Microeconomics
00582ECON 27Principles of Microeconomics
45732ECON 2H7HPrinciples of Microeconomics - HONORS

Course Syllabi