Science Article Assignment

BIOLOGY 11 Winter Quarter 2010

Research Paper Assignment (50 Pts)

Source of information: Scientific or professional journals/magazines available in the library or other instructor approved journals published no earlier than July of 2009. Examples of journals available in the library are:

New England Journal of Medicine Nature Science Scientific American Journal of the American Medical Association Discover Science News Select an article that is of interest to you and that pertains to the material covered in this course. Be sure to select one of the longer articles in the journal or magazine. The shorter articles tend to be highly technical and require more background knowledge to fully understand the content. If you select an article from a journal not listed above, check with me before you proceed. The following web site can be used to investigate science articles and magazines available at De Anza’s main library:

Format: The paper must be typed and 2-3 pages, doubled spaced. The following information must be included:

1. Discuss, in your own words, the subject matter and purpose of the research or article information. 2. Explain the experimental protocol if applicable. 3. Summarize the results of the investigation (describe any tables or graphs that you have included in your report). 4. Discuss the conclusions reached by the researchers or authors.

Additional requirements: Include a copy of the article with your paper or no points will be given. The paper will be due on Tuesday, March 16, 2010. NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Points will be given on the following basis:

1. Did you understand the content of the article? 2. How well did you explain the contents of the article 3. Grammar, neatness, and spelling


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