Biology 11 - Syllabus

De Anza College Instructor: Doris Spanggord Biology 11 - Winter 2010 Office: SC1216 Telephone/voice mail : (408) 864-8341 Office hrs:TTH-2:30 PM-3:30 PM email address: web site address:

A. Objectives of the Course:

Lecture periods will be devoted to the fundamental principles of Human Biology. A list of lecture topics, in the order in which they will be covered, and a schedule for the laboratory exercises will be provided.

B. Required Text and Laboratory Manual:

1. The text which will be utilized for the lecture portion of the course is Human Biology, by Sylvia S. Mader. Students are responsible for reading material in the text as it relates to the various lecture topics. It is assumed that such reading will be to clarify and/or to enhance material given in lecture periods. Examinations will cover assigned lecture material.

2. The required laboratory manual is Biology 11 Laboratory Manual; instructor: Doris Spanggord.

The student is expected to read lab exercises, and answer questions, if any, relevant to that reading before coming to the lab in which that exercise will be performed. Material from the reading and problem solving in the lab manual is "fair game" for lecture exams.

C. Examination and Grading:

1. Grading is done by the point system. At the end of the course a percentage of your total number of points is taken for your assigned grade. Determination of borderline grades will be based on attendance and deportment in class. 90-100% - A 80-89% - B 70-79% - C 55-69% - D below 55% - F

2. The lecture grade will be based on 3 exams, a final examination, and a science article assignment. All lecture exams will cover the designated lecture material indicated on the lecture schedule and questions from the laboratory experience. Lecture exams will not be comprehensive. The laboratory grade will be based on the number of points accumulated on lab worksheets completed during the laboratory period. Determination of borderline grades will be based on attendance and deportment in class.

Lecture Exams will be given on (1). Tuesday, January 19th (2). Tuesday, February 2nd (3). Thursday, February 18th

Lecture Final will be given on: Thursday, March 10th from 11:30AM – 1:30PM

Make-up examinations will NOT BE GIVEN. If you miss an exam, with the exception of the final exams, have a valid reason for missing the exam, and inform me of the reason for your absence before the exam, your percent in the class will be calculated on the basis of your total possible number of points at the end of the quarter. If you miss a second exam, you will receive zero points for that exam. If you do not take both final exams (lab and lecture), you will fail the course. D. Attendance:

More than two absences from laboratory will result in an automatic drop from the course by the instructor.

The BHS Division Student Handbook is on line available at: as well as in the BAT lab in hard copy. All the information in the Student Handbook does apply to this course. This handbook contains many helpful resources for students, ideas to increase student success, and expectations of classroom behavior.

E. Additional information:

Labs cannot be made up. Media, reagents, prepared slides, etc. are available only for the lab for which they were provided.

Students will not be allowed to leave the room after beginning an examination.

Talking during lecture is not allowed. You will be asked to leave the room.


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