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We Were Soldiers Once . . . and Young 

"We were the children of the 1950s and John F. Kennedy's young stalwarts 
of the early 1960s. He told the world that Americans would 'pay any price, 
bear any burden, meet any hardship' in the defense of freedom. 
We were the down payment on that costly contract, but the man who signed it 
was not there when we fulfilled his promise. John F. Kennedy waited for us on a hill 
in Arlington National Cemetery, and in time we came by the thousands to fill
those slopes with our white marble markers and to ask on the murmur of the wind 
if that was truly the future he had envisioned for us."

By Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore, USA (Ret.) and Joseph L. Galloway

  "We Were Soldiers Once & Young" prologue,
   by Lt. Gen. Hal Moore & Joe Galloway

  The Long Grey Line, by Rick Atkinson [The first class at West Point that knew 
  Vietnam was on their post-graduation orders. Thirty officers from the class of  
  1966 died in the war. The author follows the lives and careers of classmates.]

  Where We Where, by Michael P. Kelley
  [A comprehensive guide to the firebases, military installations, and naval vessels
   of the Vietnam War, 1945-1975]

  Ho Chi Minh: A book review by Frances FitzGerald

  The DeCillis Collection [housed in the A. Robert DeHart Learning Center at 
  DeAnza College

  Stolen Valor: How the Vietnam Generation Was Robbed of Its Heroes and Its History  
  by B.G. Burkett and Glenna Whitley [documents the fraud that has been 
  so destructive to the true legacy of those who fought in Vietnam, mainstream  
  media's decades of negligence and collusion in this defamation of those who 
  served with honor."]

  "Mr. Green", by Robert Olen Butler

  "The Tale of Kieu", by Nguyen Du [class lectures and notes]

  "A Time to Break Silence", by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  "A Good Scent From A Strange Mountain", by Robert Olen Butler

  Fifty Books About the Vietnam War  [a recommended reading list. These books 
  were chosen by polling a select group of newsgroup readers representing  
  academics, veterans and anti-war] 

  "Hau Nghia", by Marc Gilbert & James Wells

  "Spit & Polish", by Richard Seltzer [entire text of screen play]

  "A Year to Kill", by James F. McColloch

  "Fading Photographs From My Mind's Own Album", by Michael McCombs

  Literary Hootch [Web link collection]

  Author: Gustav Hasford [poems, short stories, transcript for Full Metal Jacket]

  War Stories [short stories]

  Vietnam War Myths

  "Deros: A Year In Vietnam", by Michael J. Horton

  Vietnam Veterans Newsletter: "NamVet"

  "Shrapnel in the Heart", by Laura Palmer  [Letters and Remembrances from the 
  Vietnam Memorial, Web page with Introduction]

 Battle Dressing, Journey of a Nurse in Vietnam, by Dusty
 [Battle Dressing traces the emotional journey of a Vietnam nurse. 
  And finally back in the States, she alternatively seems to be apologizing to an
  uncomprehending home front for the changes inside her--and flaunting them.]

 They Were Ours: Gloucester County's Loss in Vietnam
 [Forty-three young men shared a devotion to duty and country with the three
  million American men and women who were destined to take part in our country's
  longest war.  It is their collective story, told in the chronological order of their deaths.]


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