The DeCillis Collection Reference Book List



1 1-C.I.A.

Facing the PhoenixBOOK TITLE

Zalin GrantAUTHOR
2 1-C.I.A.

Last VictoryBOOK TITLE

William ColbyAUTHOR
3 1-C.I.A.

Covert WarriorBOOK TITLE

Wraner Smith AUTHOR
4 2-Chaplains in Viet Nam

A Chaplin Looks At Viet NamBOOK TITLE

John J. O'ConnorUTHOR
5 2-Chaplains in Viet Nam

Out of the NightBOOK TITLE

William Mahedy AUTHOR
6 3-Gulf of Tonkin Incident

60 MinutesBOOK TITLE

Don HewittAUTHOR
7 4-Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

A Bright Shining LieBOOK TITLE

Neil Sheehan AUTHOR
8 4-Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

The President's WarBOOK TITLE

Anthony AustinAUTHOR
9 4-Gulf of Tonkin Resolution


Loren BaritzAUTHOR
10 4-Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

In Love and WarBOOK TITLE

Jim and Sybil StockdaleAUTHOR
11 5-Minorities in Viet Nam


Wallace Terry AUTHOR
12 5-Minorities in Viet Nam

Strong Hearts Wounded Souls: Native Americans 
In Vietnam
T(DS 559.72  .H65  1996)

Tom HolmTHOR
13 5-Minorities in Viet Nam

A Patriot After All BOOK TITLE

Juan RamirezUTHOR
14 5-Minorities in Viet Nam

Paco's StoryBOOK TITLE

Larry Heinemann AUTHOR
15 5-Minorities in Viet Nam


Charley Trujillo AUTHOR
16 6-My Lai

The Court Martial of Lt. CalleyBOOK TITLE

Richard Hammer  AUTHOR
17 6-My Lai

Lieutenant Calley: In His Own WordsBOOKTITLE

John SackUTHOR
18 6-My Lai

Four Hours in My Lai BOOK TITLE

Michael Bilton and Kevin SimUTHOR
19 7-P.O.W.s

In Love and War BOOK TITLE

Jim and Sybil Stockdale UTHOR
20 7-P.O.W.s

The Men We Left Behind BOOK TITLE

Mark Santer and Jim Sanders UTHOR
21 7-P.O.W.s

P.O.W.s Story, 2801 Days in Hanoi BOOK TITLE

Col. Larry Guardino UTHOR
22 7-P.O.W.s

Prisoner At War: Richard A. Stratton StoryLE

Scott Blakeley UTHOR
23 7-P.O.W.s

When Hell Was In Session BOOK TITLE

Jeremiah S. Denton, Jr. UTHOR
24 7-P.O.W.s

Journey Into Darkness BOOK TITLE

Philip E. Smith and Peggy Herz UTHOR
25 7-P.O.W.s

Daddy Won't Be Home For A Long TimeK TITLE

Letters From Children To Hanoi UTHOR
26 7-P.O.W.s

2355 Days BOOK TITLE

Spike Nasmyth  UTHOR
27 7-P.O.W.s

After the Heroes Welcome BOOK TITLE

Dorothy McDaniel UTHOR
28 7-P.O.W.s

Beyond CombatBOOK TITLE

Major James M. Hutchins, Chaplin to the Green Berets UTHOR
29 7-P.O.W.s

Bouncing Back BOOK TITLE

Geoffrey NormanUTHOR
30 7-P.O.W.s

Chained Eagle BOOK TITLE

Everet Alvarez, Jr. UTHOR
31 7-P.O.W.s

Code of Conduct BOOK TITLE

Everet Alvarez, Jr. with Samuel Scheires, Jr. UTHOR
32 7-P.O.W.s

Code of Honor BOOK TITLE

Col. John A. Dramier, U.S.A.F. UTHOR
33 7-P.O.W.s

A Code to Keep BOOK TITLE

Ernest C. Brace UTHOR
34 7-P.O.W.s

Conversations with the Enemy BOOK TITLE

(Garwood) Winston Groom & Duncan Spencer UTHOR
35 7-P.O.W.s

Five Years to Freedom BOOK TITLE

James N. Risner UTHOR
36 7-P.O.W.s

The Hanoi Commitment BOOK TITLE

Capt. Jim Mulligan UTHOR
37 7-P.O.W.s

Survivors BOOK TITLE

Zalin Grant UTHOR
38 8-Tunnels

The Tunnels of Cu Chi BOOK TITLE

Tom Mangold and John Penycate UTHOR
39 9-Women In Viet Nam


Shelley Saywell UTHOR
40 9-Women In Viet Nam

American Daughter, Gone To War BOOK TITLE

Winnie Smith UTHOR
41 9-Women In Viet Nam

Home Before Morning BOOK TITLE

Lynda Van Devanter UTHOR
42 9-Women In Viet Nam

Reunion '93, Red Cross Women In Viet NamE

Jill Le Seuer, Chair
43 9-Women In Viet Nam

 Women At War BOOK TITLE

 Elizabeth Norman UTHOR
44 9-Women In Viet Nam

A Piece of My Heart BOOK TITLE

Keith Walker UTHOR
45 9-Women In Viet Nam

Lonely Girls With Burning Eyes BOOK TITLE

Marcia Faye Novak  UTHOR
46 10-Protesters

Hell No We Won't Go BOOK TITLE

Sherry Gershwin Gottleib UTHOR
47 10-Protesters

Who Spoke Up? BOOK TITLE

Nancy Zaroulis & Gerald Sullivan UTHOR
48 10-Protesters

About Face

Col. David H. Hackworth & Julie Sherman
49 10-Protesters

Reunion: A Memoir BOOK TITLE

 Tom Heydon UTHOR
50 10-Protesters

1968-A Student Generation in Revolt BOOK TITLE

Ronald Fraser UTHOR
51 10-Protesters


James A. Michener UTHOR
52 10-Protesters

Joan Baez: A Memoir BOOK TITLE

Joan Baez UTHOR
53 10-Protesters

Destructive Generation BOOK TITLE

Peter Collier & David Horowitz UTHOR
54 10-Protesters

1968-The Year of the Barricades BOOK TITLE

Davis Caute UTHOR
55 10-Protesters

Jane Fonda: Heroine For A Time BOOK TITLE

Thomas Kierman UTHOR
56 10-Protesters

Citizen Jane BOOK TITLE

Christopher Anderson UTHOR
57 10-Protesters


Peter Collier UTHOR
58 10-Protesters

Coming Apart BOOK TITLE

William L. O'Neill  UTHOR
59 11-Media in Viet Nam

Live From the Battlefield BOOK TITLE

Peter Arnett   UTHOR
60 11-Media in Viet Nam

The Information War BOOK TITLE

Dale Minor  UTHOR
61 11-Media in Viet Nam

Flashbacks BOOK TITLE

Morley Safer  UTHOR
62 11-Media in Viet Nam


Robert Sam Anson  UTHOR
63 111-Media in Viet Nam

Muddy Boots, Red SocksBOOK TITLE

Malcolm W. Browne  UTHOR
64 11-Media in Viet Nam

Page After Page BOOK TITLE

 Tim Page  UTHOR
65 11-Media in Viet Nam

The Camera Never Blinks BOOK TITLE

Dan Rather  UTHOR
66 11-Media in Viet Nam


Gary Paul Gates  UTHOR
67 11-Media in Viet Nam

Fighting For Air BOOK TITLE

Liz Trotta  UTHOR
68 11-Media in Viet Nam

60 Minutes BOOK TITLE

Don Hewitt  UTHOR
69 11-Media in Viet Nam

Reporting Viet Nam

Malcolm Browne, Neil Sheehan, & OthersR
70 11-Media in Viet Nam

Living Room War BOOK TITLE

Michael J. Arlen  UTHOR
71 11-Media in Viet Nam

A Time of Change BOOK TITLE

Harrison E. Salisbury  UTHOR
72 12-N.V.A. Prospectives

General Giap BOOK TITLE

Robert J. O'Neill  UTHOR
73 12-N.V.A. Prospectives

PAVN: Peoples Army of Viet Nam BOOK TITLE

Douglas Pike  UTHOR
74 12-N.V.A. Prospectives


Jean La Couture  UTHOR
75 12-N.V.A. Prospectives

Ho Chi Minh On Revolution BOOK TITLE

Bernard F. Fall  UTHOR
76 12-N.V.A. Prospectives

 A Viet Cong Memoir BOOK TITLE

Truong Nhu Toai & David Chanoff  UTHOR
77 12-N.V.A. Prospectives


David Halberstram  UTHOR
78 12-N.V.A. Prospectives

The Prison Diary of Ho Chi Minh BOOK TITLE

Intro by: David Halberstram  UTHOR
79 12-N.V.A. Prospectives

Inside the V.C. & N.V.A. BOOK TITLE

Michael E. Lanning & Dan Cragg  UTHOR
80 12-N.V.A. Prospectives

Secrets of the Viet Cong BOOK TITLE

J. W. McCoy  UTHOR
81 12-N.V.A. Prospectives

An Outline History of the Viet Nam Worker's Party

(1930-1970) Communist Party of India
82 12-N.V.A. Prospectives

In The Jaws of History BOOK TITLE

Bui Diem & David Chanoff   UTHOR
83 13-Special Forces

Special Forces at War BOOK TITLE

Shelby L. Statton  UTHOR
84 13-Special Forces

Assault On Dak Pek BOOK TITLE

Leigh Wade   UTHOR
85 13-Special Forces

Brown Water, Black Berets BOOK TITLE

Thomas J. Cutler LDCR, USN  UTHOR
86 13-Special Forces

 Viet Nam Coastal and Riverine ForcesK TITLE

Barry Gregory  UTHOR
87 13-Special Forces


 Don Sheppard   UTHOR
88 13-Special Forces

OSS to the Green Berets 

Aaron Bank, Col. USA (Ret.) OR
89 14-Key Presidents

Kennedy JFK and Viet Nam BOOK TITLE

John M. Newman   UTHOR
90 15-Key Presidents-Johnson

Triumph and Tragedy of Lyndon JohnsonTITLE

Joseph A. Califano, Jr.   UTHOR
91 15-Key Presidents-Johnson

The Years of Lyndon JohnsonBOOK TITLE

Robert A. Caro   UTHOR
92 15-Key Presidents-Johnson

Johnson The PoliticianBOOK TITLE

Ronnie Drugger   UTHOR
93 15-Key Presidents-Johnson

Lyndon Johnson and the American DreamTITLE

Doris Kearns   UTHOR
94 15-Key Presidents-Johnson

The Tragedy of Lyndon JohnsonBOOK TITLE

 Eric F. Goldman   UTHOR
95 15-Key Presidents-Johnson


Merle Miller   UTHOR
96 15-Key Presidents-Johnson

The Johnson TreatmentBOOK TITLE

Jack Bell   UTHOR
97 16-Key Presidents-Nixon

Lyndon Johnson's WarBOOK TITLE

Larry Berman   UTHOR
98 16-Key Presidents-Nixon

From the President's Secret Files (Nixon)BOOK TITLE

Bruce Oudes   UTHOR
99 16-Key Presidents-Nixon

Richard Nixon, The Real WarBOOK TITLE

Richard Nixon   UTHOR
100 16-Key Presidents-Nixon


 Stephen E. Ambrose   UTHOR
101 16-Key Presidents-Nixon

The Running of Richard NixonBOOK TITLE

Leonard Luice   UTHOR
102 16-Key Presidents-Nixon

Richard Nixon and His AmericaBOOK TITLE

Herbert S. Parnet   UTHOR
103 16-Key Presidents-Nixon

Nixon: An Oral History of His PresidencyBOOK TITLE

Gerald S. Strober and Deborah Hart Strober  UTHOR
104 16-Key Presidents-Nixon

The World and Richard NixonBOOK TITLE

Sulzberger   UTHOR
105 16-Key Presidents-Nixon

One of Us: Richard Nixon and the American  DreamBTLE

Tom Wicker   UTHOR
106 16-Key Presidents-Nixon

Nixon's HeadBOOK TITLE

Arthur Woodstone   UTHOR
108 16-Key Presidents-Nixon

Silent Coup; The Removal of A PresidentBOOK TITLE

Len Colodny & Robert GetlinHOR
109 16-Key Presidents-Nixon

Richard Nixon, Beyond PeaceBOOK TITLE

Richard NixonHOR
110 16-Key Presidents-Nixon

1999-Victory Without WarBOOK TITLE

Richard NixonHOR
111 16-Key Presidents-Nixon

Richard, In the ArenaBOOK TITLE

Richard NixonHOR
112 16-Key Presidents-Nixon

No More VietnamsBOOK TITLE

Richard NixonHOR
113 16-Key Presidents-Nixon

Richard Nixon: LeadersBOOK TITLE

Richard NixonHOR
114 17-Oral Histories


Stanley KarnowHOR
115 17-Oral Histories

America's Viet Nam WarBOOK TITLE

Elizabeth BeckerHOR
116 17-Oral Histories

No Shining Armor, An Oral HistoryBOOK TITLE

Otto J. LehrackHOR
117 17-Oral Histories

Strange GroundBOOK TITLE

Harry MaurerR
118 17-Oral Histories

Tears Before the RainBOOK TITLE

Larry EngelmannHOR
119 17-Oral Histories

Everything We HadBOOK TITLE

Al SantoliHOR
120 17-Oral Histories

Viet Nam at WarBOOK TITLE

Lt. Gen. Philip B. Davidson, U.S.A. (Ret.)HOR
121 17-Oral Histories


Gareth PorterHOR
122 17-Oral Histories


Dorothy & Thomas HooblerHOR
123 17-Oral Histories

America In Viet NamBOOK TITLE

Williams, McCormick, Gardner & LaFeberHOR
124 18 - Poetry

Vietnam: From Eyes to Mind (PS 3551 .R64 V54 1998)

James Arpey




126 What Should We Tell Our Children About Viet Nam Bill McCloudHOR
127 Dear America: Letters Home From Viet Nam Bernie EdelmanHOR
128 In The Field: Language of the Viet Nam War Linda Reinberg, Ph.D.HOR
126   OR